Smart Industry 1/2018 Slider: AR and VR in Manufacturing
Smart Industry 1/2018 Slider: Smart Airports and IoT
Smart Industry 1/2018 Slider: Smart Airports and IoT

Smart Communication

Smart Industry: An IoT snapshot of Europe - 1/2018

An IoT snapshot of Europe

The race is on but how does Europe measure up? We look for the winners and losers to see if the Old World can take a lead in the new world of IoT.

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Smart Industry: Industrial IoT Security - 1/2018

Industrial IoT Security: Why and how?

Few enterprises are prepared to deal with the new cyber risks in the IoT world. Without a secured IT infrastructure that supports connectivity across the value chain, attempts to create the smart factory of the future will fail.

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Smart Business

Dmart Industry: Kevin Ashton IoT Inventor

Interview: Interview: Kevin Ashton – the “Inventor Of IoT”

Kevin Ashton is sometimes called the “Inventor of IoT” since the first used the term in 1999 to describe a system where the Internet is connected to the physical world via ubiquitous sensors.

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Smart Industry: Big Data - The big Picture

Internet of Things Legacy Systems: Smarter Than You Think

A world of opportunity opens if IoT is implemented in a way that makes business sense. Taking advantage of existing infrastructure is an effcient way to transform your enterprise.

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Smart Industry – The IoT Business Magazine

Smart Industry 2018 - The IoT Business Magazine - Table of Contents
Editorial: The new Robber Barons

Tim Cole is the editor of “Smart Industry – the IoT Business Magazine” – he writes about the industry, markets and developments.

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Title Story: Selfdriving cars

Autonomous cars, trucks, and taxis are arriving much faster than anyone expected but are we ready for them? What roads will they drive on? And what happens if a self-driving car is forced to make a snap life-or-death decision?

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Discover the world of the Internet of Things Business. An overview about all stories and interviews.

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Selfdriving Cars: Future Road Technology

Samrt Industry: IoT-based metering Toll Systems

Smart Roads: Paving the way

Toll systems in use around the world are hopelessly stuck in the analog age. By using intelligent IoT-based metering governments might be able to keep pace with rising numbers of vehicles as ride-sharing and electric cars take off.

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Smart Industry: IoT Ethics Interview Janina Sombetzki

Interview: Janina Loh

The ethics of selfdriving cars.

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Behind the scenes Smart People

All over the world, brilliant individuals are hard at work creating the technologies and solutions that will one day make the Internet of Things come alive.We visited a few of them and listened to their fascinating stories.

The Smart People 2018



More Smart Industry

Smart Industry: Tesla Gigafactory: Thinking Big

Tesla Gigafactory: Thinking Big

It’s hard to find a big company as innovative and, consequently, unconventional as Tesla. We take a close look at the Tesla Gigafactory and how it is building the factory of tomorrow in the Nevada Desert, and its plans for other Gigafactories elsewhere.

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Smart Industry: Avnet Visible Things

Avnet: Visible Things

Bringing flexibility to the Internet of Things system: The Director of Innovation at Avnet Silica discusses some of the challenges and choices in developing systems and IoT applications.

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Smart Industry: Smart Business - Pipe Dreams

Water Distribution: Pipe Dreams

Not even one percent of the water on earth is available as fresh drinking water. Still, as the infrastructure of most water-distribution systems is aging, a lot of precious liquid is lost on the way to the customer.

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Smart Industry: Smart Communication - 5G

Mobile Technology: 5G

5G was the big topic at the Mobile World Congress 2016. But how will the fifth generation of mobile technology meet the demands, business issues and IoT?

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Avnet Silica: Product Highlights

Smart Industry: Avnet Silica IoT

IoT: Supply Chain Security

As enterprises enter the new world of IoT, they do so at their peril. Traditional methods of securing devices and systems break down when data flows through the global internet and corporate networks, all with different levels of trustworthiness. Personalization is the key for Security IoT – and Avnet Silica has found a way to provide it as a service quickly and efficiently.

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Smart Industry: Avnet Silica IoT

IoT Complexity simplified

Bringing flexibility to the challenges and choices in Internet of Things system evaluation and development network management and application delivery.

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