10 IoT Startups: Technology will shape our future

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10 IoT Startups: Technology will shape our future

Billions of things connected – from industrial machines to home appliances – open doors for new technological solutions, business models, and investments. A wide field for IoT Startups.

Read about ten promising IoT startups from five European countries!

by Ariane Rüdiger*

IoT Startups: CEO Azhar Hussain HanHaa
Azhar Hussain
CEO Hanhaa
The London startup HANHAA offers Parcel Live – parcel tracking as a service.

We help companies who want to keep an eye on the location and environment of their shipments

says Azhar Hussain, CEO. With Parcel Live, they can e.g. offer their customers advanced parcel tracking as a service, prove proper transport or analyze damages during transport. The service is based around Hanhaa taking care of forward and reverse logistics. On reaching its destination, the recipient unpacks the parcel and sends the board to Hanhaa free of charge for erasure and reuse. Beta tests are currently running.

Information: Christopher Riley, Saint Katharine‘s Way, London E1W 1UN, United Kingdom,
e-mail: chris@hanhaa.com, phone: +44 (0)7496 352552, www.hanhaa.com

IoT Startups: Tim Streather Spica
Tim Streather
Sales and Marketing Director, Spica
SPICA was founded 2015. The IoT system integrator has developed an application framework for connected devices
– devicepoint™ built on IBM software technology. It integrates well into third-party-offerings.

We enable our clients to rapidly prototype use cases, and build enterprise-grade production solutions with rapid ROI

says co-founder Tim Streather. Additionally, Spica is building out a number of industryspecific IoT solutions, e.g. devicepoint™ for Healthy weather for monitoring Legionella, a dangerous water-borne bacteria that must be controlled through water temperature testing.

Contact info: Tim Streather (Sales and Marketing Director), 18 Clinton Dr. #3, Hollis, New Hampshire 03049,
e-mail: tim@spicatech.co.uk, phone: +44 (0)7960 292798, www.spicatech.co.uk

IoT Startups: Armine Saidi - Wicastr
Armine Saidi
CEO and co-founder Wicastr
London based wireless specialist WICASTR started 2013 as a member of a UK IoT incubator program. Among its funders are US and UK based angels and Granatus Ventutes. With its patented SMART platform for wireless networking, Wicastr was among Ciscos Top 5 UK Internet-of-everything-Startups to watch.

We enable our customers building cheaply and easily wireless networks and content distribution everywhere and without tech

says Armine Saidi CEO and co-founder of Wicastr – e.g. for developing countries, transportation and logistics. Among customers are Unilever and Home Depot.

Contact info: Armine Saidi (CEO & Co-Founder), St. James House, 13 Kensington Square, London W8 5HD, United Kingdom,
e-mail: armine@wicastr.com, phone: +44 (0)7456 242719, www.wicastr.com

IoT Startups: Markus Schwarz Nnemetris
Markus Schwarz
CEO Nemetris
NEMETRIS, founded 2013 in Balingen, has developed an IoT framework that can run on any appliance, e.g. a router independent of a server infrastructure and in the cloud. Only local networks have to work properly. “So far, we are the only player on the market with this capability” says Markus Schwarz, CEO. At this stage nemetris has realized different apps for production IT like a Web Dashboard. The framework supports important automation interface standards and more are to be integrated. Nemetris trusts in a broad network of partners to build solutions

Our IoT Framework runs on every appliance – so far, we are the only market player with this capability

Contact info: Markus Schwarz (CEO), Hechinger Str. 8, 72336 Balingen,
e-mail: markus.schwarz@nemetris.com, phone: +49 (0)7433 908946 80, www.nemetris.com

IoT Startups: Ronnie Vuine - micropsi industries
Ronnie Vuine
CEO micropsi industries
Berlin-based MICROPSI INDUSTRIES founded in 2014, focuses on AI for the IoT. It has developed a neuronal-networkbased model creation process for production environments. The algorithms, with some human help, generate a system’s digital twin from sensor and ERP data. “Our models often help our customers discover patterns they weren’t specifically looking for”, says Ronnie Vuine, CEO. VC investors have been convinced by innovative ideas and best talent at hand. High potentials choose Micropsi due to their excellent access to the leading AI community and its real hands-on mentality.

With our solution, customers discover things they never were looking for

Contact info: Stephan L. Wild, Freibadstraße 30, D-81543 Munich,
e-mail: stephan.wild@mbc-isarrauschen.de, phone: +49(0)151 2755 6465, www.mbc-isarrauschen.de

IoT Startups: Christian Deilmann - Tado
Christian Deilmann
Founder of Tado
TADO was founded 2011 by Christian Deilmann, who wanted to effectively heat his student flat in Boston (Mass.), but that proved difficult. So he invented an app that regulates a thermostate: Depending on how far the user and his smartphone are from the flat, the thermostate turns up and down the heater automatically without tricky on-the-go settings on the smartphone screen. Later, Tado also developed an Air Condition Controller. “The best technological ideas grow from real prcblems of everyday life solved in a new way”, says Deilmann. Success is proven: Tado already sells worldwide.

Technological ideas solve everyday problems in a new way

Contact info: Anna Harbauer, indwurmstr. 76, D-80337 Munich,
e-mail: anna.harbauer@tado.com, phone: +49 (0)89 4161566 – 41, www.tado.com

IoT Startups: Thomas Nicholls - Sigfox
Thomas Nicholls
Executive Vice President Communications Sigfox
SIGFOX, founded 2009 by technology-savvy Christophe Fourtet and entrepreneurial oriented Ludovic Le Moan, created a simple, affordable, global IoT communications service with guaranteed quality of service.

IoT startups have to think of scaling, global reach and building an ecosystem from day one

says Thomas Nicholls, Executive Vice President Communications. SIGFOX sells its service to IoT solution providers. Microsoft uses it for its IoT solution. SIGFOX is already active in 16 countries. Network, IT and venture capital firms invested 127 Million €, looking forward to an IPO around 2018.

Contact info: Amélie Ravier (Mahoney & Lyle Communications), 2, rue Mademoiselle, F-78000 Versailles,
e-mail: aravier@mahoneylyle.com, phone: +33 (0)6 64 52 81, www.sigfox.com

IoT Startups: Fred Potter - Netatmo
Fred Potter
Founder Netatmo
NETATMO, founded 2011, belongs to the most funded French IoT startups and is profitable since 2013. Founder Fred Potter: “We want to make users life easier and simpler by products with unique features that help them to save time and to get information easily. We are looking for market segments where we
can quickly become leaders and address them fast.” Netatmo builds connected smart home objects for security, environment and heating enriched with Artificial Intelligence, like intelligent camera solutions for in- and outdoors.

Find segments where you can quickly become market leader

Contact info: Josephine Karth , Am Nordbahnhof 3, D-10115 Berlin,
e-mail: Josephine.Karth@k-mb.de, phone: + 49 (0)30 695 972 863, www.netatmo.com

IoT Startups: Boyan Benev - MammothDB
Boyan Benev
CMO, MammothDB
MAMMOTHDB, provides affordable enterprise analytics. In Q2 2015, 3TS and Empower Capital invested €1,6m Euros in the Bulgarian start-up founded in 2012. It doubled its revenue each of the past two years. “Our end-to-end cloud-based BI platform is fully SQL compliant and integrates with all popular front-end tools including Microsoft Reporting Services, Highcharts, Tableau and D3.

MammothDB is business-user friendly, scalable and affordable

says Boyan Benev, CMO. Clients include Cisco, DHL and Publicis. Among partners are MapR, Tableau and public clouds like AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Contact info: Boyan S. Benev (CMO), Ul. Trakia #35, Sofia, 1504, Bulgaria,
e-mail: boyan.benev@mammothdb.com, mobile: +359.885.775.737 www.mammothdb.com


IoT Startups: Hjalmar Nilsonne - Watty
Hjalmar Nilsonne
CEO Watty
WATTY, a 14-employee-startup from Stockholm, Sweden, developed intelligent software for energy and energy service providers. It takes the data from a sensor for electrical usage mounted on top of the smart meter and analyzes the data to disclose the big power users in the household, like stoves or washing machines. Data is anonymized to hide the identity of the user. The system enables energy providers to develop new, intelligent services for conserving energy.

Most end users do not understand the data generated by Smart Home Systems – we solved this problem”

says Hjalmar Nilsonne, CEO.

Contact info: Hjalmar Nilsonne, Ferkens Gränd 3, 11130 Stockholm, Sweden,
e-mail: hjalmar@watty.io, phone: +46 70-415 63 62, www.watty.io

*Ariane Rüdiger is an experienced IT journalist living in Munich

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