We Talk IoT, the Smart Industry Podcast

We Talk IoT, the Smart Industry Podcast

Welcome to We talk IoT, a regular series of podcasts from the editors of Smart Industry – the IoT Business Magazine. Our podcast keeps you up to date on the most important developments in the world of IoT, IIoT, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing. Listen to leading industry experts, business professionals and experienced journalists as they discuss some of today’s hottest tech topics and how they can help boost your bottom line.

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Episode overview

We talk IoT: IoT is shaping our live, who knows in which ways? – Episode 22

IoT continues to shape our lives in a world that is transforming – often in some pretty confusing and unexpected ways. So it’s comforting to know that somebody, at least, knows which direction we’re heading and what steps to take. One of them is Pete Bernard of Microsoft. His official title is “Senior Director, Silicon and Telecom, Azure Edge Devices, Platform & Services”. Also in this episode, Kenta Yasukawa, founder of Soracom, a Japanese technology innovator, talks about the future of IoT connectivity.

We talk IoT: The future of connectivity for IoT – Episode 21

Rob Tiffany, Head of IoT Strategy at Ericsson, the Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company, joins us to share his experience on the IoT connectivity landscape and the future of connectivity for IoT.

We talk IoT: Self-optimizing WiFi solutions and the future of connectivity – Episode 20

Plume was founded in 2014 with the premise that a device is only as intelligent as the network it’s connected to. CMO Todd Grantham on self-optimizing WiFi solutions and the future of connectivity. Also: Didier Lesteven, COO of Wallix, a French provider of state-of-the-art data protection and access management solutions, whose motto is “cybersecurity simplified”.


We talk IoT: Ways to future-proof business – Episode 19

Gerd Leonhard is Europe’s foremost futurist, as well as a bestselling author (“Technology vs. Humanity”) and a regular columnist for our parent magazine, Smart Industry – the IoT Business Magazine. In this month’s podcast, Gerd talks with his longtime friend, Tim Cole, editor-in-chief of Smart Industry, about ways for companies to future-proof their business, as well as his blueprint for “The Good Future”.


We talk IoT: Smart Water Metering – Staying Ahead of Floods – Episode 18

Eddy Solutions, an award-winning North American manufacturer of smart water metering products, recently teamed up with MachineQ, a Comcast Company that specializes in long-range, low-power IoT solutions at scale that fill various business needs. For this’s podcast we welcome two guests: Shyka Ghanbarian, Vice President of Sales and Business Development, Eddy Solutions, and Bryan Witkowski, Executive Director, Head of Strategic Planning, MachineQ.


We talk IoT: FPGAs and What They Mean for IoT – Episode 17

FPGAs(Field Programmable Gate Arrays) are semiconductor chips that can be reconfigured again and again to fit new needs. We talked with Chetan Khona, Director Industrial, Vision, Healthcare & Sciences at Xilinx, the company that literally invented the FPGA, about what they mean for IoT.

Also: Raz Roditti of Razor Labs, an Israeli startup, on how to turn clunky heavy industrial machinery into state-of-the-art smart machines.


Episode 16: Experiencing a Cyberattack

What does it feel like to be the victim of a highly sophisticated cyberattack? Thomas Pilz, CEO of Pilz Industries, a global leader in industrial automation, talks about his experience and what others can learn from it in this no-holds-barred interview.

Also: Roy Dagan, co-founder and CEO of SecuriThings, a company based in Tel Aviv that claims to offer the first IoTOps solution designed to help organizations maximize their devices’ operational efficiency and security.


Episode 15: Trust Issues in IoT

Vincent Korstanje, CEO of Kigen,an Arm Company with a mission to make eSIM and iSIM simple, accessible and easy for all smart businesses, discusses one of the most fundamental issues in IoT and cybersecurity – trust!

Also: Michael Jansen, founder and CEO of Cityzenith, who says he is on a personal mission to transform life in cities around the globe.


Episode 14: No Coding Required for IoT

IoT promises to connect everything with everything else but setting up all the connections can be tricky, demanding lots of coding and other kinds of expert knowledge. Pedro Pine of Domatica, a Portugese IoT solution provider, tells listeners about his company’s flagship product, the IoT Cube which delivers IoT with absolutely no coding required!

Also: Martin Milter Bay, who is in charge of Cyber Security at Avnet Silica for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, will tell us how Avnet can offer highly secure provisioning of electronic components in the supply chain and distribution.


Episode 13: Keg Management

Today, beer destined for pubs and restaurants is usually shipped in stainless-steel and hence reusable kegs, but this requires a complex system of logistics for both delivery and return. Konvoy, an Australian startup, is in the process of further transforming keg management and making it both more efficient and profitable thanks to IoT, says CEO Adam Trippe-Smith.

Also: Serguei Beloussov, founder and CEO of Acronis. Based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, Acronis is ranked by analysts as a leader in backup software, disaster recovery, and secure data access.


Episode 12: Fighting Human Trafficking

Most people consider slavery to be a thing of the dark and distant past. Then why is StopTheTraffik, a non-profit based in London, using state-of-the-art IoT technology to track human trafficking today? “Because it’s a billion-dollar a year business”, says CEO Dame Ruth Dearnly. In addition, we talk with Rudi Potgieter of VOX, a South-African startup that has created an IoT-enabled assistance network for the elderly called Vox ICE which he describes as the “electronic eyes and ears of caregivers”.