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Title story: Internet of Think - Smart Industry 2/2018

Title story: Internet of Think

Discussion about the Internet of Things often centers around sensors and hardware, the additions to our physical environments. But in fact, the ability to connect the dots will be even more important for the future of IoT. As an automation platform, robotic process automation (RPA) has the ability to help manage all of the capabilities that Internet of Things now makes possible. The management of notifications, flagged events and more, as well as routing more data, are among the capabilities it could provide links or repositories for.

Quo Vadis 5G? - Smart Industry 2/2018

Quo Vadis 5G?

Today, the IT industry is split among those who worry that it’s already too late to catch the 5G gravy train and those who think they still have plenty of time. Both are right.

Content: Title story - Data – the Secret Sauce of IoT 2/2018

Data and IoT: The Secret Sauce

Discussion about the Internet of Things often centers around sensors and hardware, the additions to our physical environments. They may be built into street lights and bus stops, or in factories and on assembly lines – or even inside shipping containers.



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