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Smart Industry 2017: Title Story Blockchain

Blockchain Revolution: Blockchain – Internet Unchained

oday, the technology behind Bitcoin – Blockchain – is powering a wave of startups and promising experiments across the business and tech sector. It’s not only changing money, it’s changing the world.

Smart Industry 2017 Content: How Ants Avoid Traffc Cars that drive by themselves and Jams

How Ants Avoid Traffic Cars that drive by themselves and Jams

Robots operating autonomously are on their way. Scientists believe they can learn from animal swarms how to avoid getting snarled in digital gridlock.

Smart Industry 2017: 3D Printing - From Toys to Tools

3D Printing: From Toys to Tools

Improvements in materials, precision and printing methods are rapidly and radically transforming the way almost every kind of product can be manufactured by just adding one layer after the other.



Editorial: Reversing the Trend

Smart People

Smart Business

Internet unchained: Will the Blockchain change the world?

Interview: Don Tapscott, author of The Blockchain Revolution

Think big! Tesla is building the world’s largest – and smartest – factory

Coming home: Why reshoring is one of the hottest trends in the world

From toys to tools: How 3D printing is changing the way things are made

Guest comment: Arkessa’s John Freeman on why he thinks eSIMs are the next big thing

Atos CEO Thierry Breton and why we will soon all have a supercomputer in our pockets

Smart Communication

Subscription economy: Everything as a service

Nokia reborn: Out of the ashes, a giant Finn reawakens

The battle for bandwidth: Choosing the right network for your IoT solution

Smart companies: Some of the best and brightest in the IoT marketplace

Smart Lifestyle

Smart energy: Why ‘digital ecosystem management’ are the latest buzzwords

Google’s grand vision of IoT strategy

Infrastructure: Bridges to the future

Smart Solutions

IoT platforms: The glue between the virtual and the physical worlds

Guest comment: Alcatel Lucent’s Ingo Schneider on the Industrial Ethernet

Column: Bernd Schöne on microkernels and the future of the operating system

Learning from ants: Swarm intelligence is bringing lessons from biology to the factory floor

Supply chain security: Bridging the gap

Smart products

Column: Gerd Leonhard on digital ethics and the coming conflict between man and machine




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