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Smart Industry Content: Title Story IBM Watson in Munich - Bild: Architekturbüro Murphy/Jahn, Chicago

Title story: The Munich Connection

IBM has chosen Munich as the new world headquarters of its nascent Watson IoT division, meaning that the Bavarian capital will lead the development of “learning” computers and novel insights into how business will work in the connected future.

Smart Industry Content: Big Data

Big Data is dead – long live Predictive Analysis

Businesses are collecting more and more data these days, but are they making the right use of what they are gathering? The signs indicate that they aren’t, and that in fact all they are creating is more and more complexity. Instead, they should focus on using data to make better decisions.

Smart Industry Conent: Uber and IoT

The Internet of Things is already here, and it‘s name is Uber

Leveraging the rapid uptake of smartphones globally, Uber has created a marketplace for drivers and passengers that has made transportation faster and more affordable for millions while thoroughly disrupting traditional players, such as taxi companies. Is this a template for building IoT businesses?



Smart People

Smart Business

The Munich Connection: IBM’s new Watson headquarters

Interview: Harriet Green of IBM

10 European startups to keep your eye on

Interview: Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society

Guest comment: Using Big Data to Get the Big Picture

Making the world safe for IoT

Smart utilities: The pipes are calling

Analyst opinion: Interview: Vernon Turner

Smart Communication

5G is coming – but will it get here in time?

Interview: Alexander Thamm, data science consultant


Interview: Oliver Niedung – Microsoft’s two-speed approach to IoT

Smart Companies: Solutions for real Life

Smart Lifestyle

Amazon is betting big on enabling the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’

The Internet of Things is already here, and it‘s name is Uber


Column: A simple way to enter the world of IoT

Smart Solutions

Building the future

Smart sensors – the eyes and ears of IoT

Column: German Angst


Smart Technology

Big Data is dead – long live Predictive Analysis

Avnet: IoT Complexity Simplified

Product news from Avnet

Smart Products

Column: Unintended consequences



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