Content: Smart Industry – The IoT Business Magazine 1/2020


Content: Smart Industry – The IoT Business Magazine 1/2020

Title story: AI Means Business - Smart Industry 1/2020

Title story: AI Means Business

Around the world, applications for artificial intelligence (AI) are popping up all over the place. Once something only for nerds, AI is transforming virtually every aspect of business, from supply chains to hiring, manufacturing to marketing, and customer services to medicine. And managers everywhere are asking themselves: how can I best seize upon the business potential of AI?

Iot Is All the Fashion- Smart Industry 1/2020

Iot Is All the Fashion

Designers and manufacturers of men’s and women’s apparel are exploring ways to predict trends faster and more accurately than ever before. They are helped by researchers who are looking for ways to utilize artificial intelligence.

Content: Eyes in the Sky 1/2020

Next-Gen GNSS: Eyes in the Sky

Viewed as a utility often taken for granted, GNSS enables real ­time and accurate product tracking, telematics, timing, and other positioning­ enabled, machine­-to­-machine communication. As the IoT market continues to expand, so will the demands and expectations placed on these satellite systems.



Editorial: Europe Takes the Lead

Smart People

Smart Business

AI means Business

Intelligent Leak Detection: Plugging the Holes

Top Down: Why AI Initiatives need CIO support

Biased Algorithms: Can AI be Evil?

In AI We Trust: When And How Should AI Explain its Decisions?

Risk Thinking in Business Forecasting: Rethinking Risk

IoT in Mining: Deep Connectivity

Blockchain Smart Contracts: Mutually Reinforcing Power

IIoT: Interview with Professor Dieter Kempf – Germany is Well-positioned

Smart Communication

Next-Gen GNSS: Eyes in the Sky

Cybercrime in Space: How Secure Are Satellites?

IoT Agencies: How to Jump-Start Projects

LoRa WAN: A Network for Everybody

Urban Robots: Street Smarts

Li-Fi: IoT at the Speed of Light

Smart Lifestyle

Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Fashion

Fitness and Wearables: Smart Buds

Brain–Computer Interfaces: Brainy Connections

Smart Solutions

Logistics: Automating the last 50 Feet

Authentication and Identity Management: About Security and Things

Column Bernd Schöne: Engineering Data – IoT is not for free

Augmented-Reality: Making a MES

Protectionism in IT: The Monsters are back

Column: Marco Giegerich – Avnet Connected Ecosystem

Smart Companies: Formula One and Acronis

Column: Gerd Leonhard – Megashifts



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