Smart Products: IoT-Technology in every day Products

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Smart Products: IoT-Technology in every day Products

New IoT-Technology in every day Products. Customer use this products in many fields – including smart homes, health, kitchen, sports, lightning or baby care. IoT-Technology in every day Products


Smart Indoor cycling

Smart Products - Swinn Cycling Trainer

Many people have not been able to do their regular workout during the pandemic – with gyms closed in many countries. Riding the smart IC8 Indoor Cycling Bike from Schwinn means workouts can be done at home. The exercise bike uses Bluetooth to connect to apps including Explore the World, Zwift, Peloton, or Kinomap. Information on time taken, virtual distance traveled, calories used, and revolution speed is shown on a mounted LCD display as well as the app, and though heart-rate monitoring is enabled, it requires extra purchases. There is also a holder that can take a smartphone or a tablet. The IC8 can be adjusted for people between 1.55 meters and 1.95 meters tall. The bike weighs 50 kilograms and is available for $1,000.


Smart Products - SwinnCycling


IoT-Technology in every day Products


IoT-Technology in every day Products - Aarlo Camera

Security under the Spotlight

Arlo is updating its Wire-Free Spotlight Camera range with two models: the Pro 4 and Ultra 2 security systems. The Pro 4 delivers 2K HDR video quality and has an integrated spotlight with color night vision and 160° field of view. It connects directly to Wi-Fi, so it may be used as a stand-alone camera or as a complement to an existing Arlo ecosystem. The Ultra 2 offers the same features but upgrades the video to 4K with HDR and 180° field of view. Its improved Wi-Fi connectivity offers better performance under challenging Wi-Fi conditions.


SIoT-Technology in every day Products - KLAFS Sauna

A Sauna for the Smaller Home

Private saunas were once the preserve of households with sufficient space. Klafs is changing that with the foldaway Sauna S1. Fully retracted it is only 60 centimeters deep – about the size of an average closet. Pushing a button on the compact controls prompts silent motors to extend the three elements to add an extra meter to the S1, making it ready to use within 20 seconds. The back wall has a specially designed integral air channel, allowing optimal heat circulation and a healthy thermal environment in the sauna. It’s so self-contained, if you move house, you can take the sauna with you just like a piece of furniture. The S1 is available in three sizes with five different exterior trims (white, white satin, Swiss pine, walnut, and oak) and four different front panels.




VR to Become reality for PS5

Smart Products - Sony VR glasses

From launch, Sony’s PlayStation 5 (PS5) has only supported virtual reality games programmed for the PS4. Among these games are Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Tetris Effect, Blood & Truth, Moss, Beat Saber, and Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. Now, Sony has announced a next-generation VR system that is being exclusively developed for the PS5. The company claims this will bring dramatic leaps in performance and interactivity as well as enhanced resolution and field of view. The headset will be accompanied by a new VR controller that incorporates some of the features from the successful DualSense wireless controller. No images of the headset have been provided yet because it’s still in development and Sony has said it will not ship before the end of 2021. Despite this, it does show that Sony is still seriously pursuing the path to a truly immersive experience for gamers.


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IoT-Technology in every day Products

IoT-Technology in every day Products - Brava Oven

Making Light Work of cooking

It has been some time since the microwave oven made its way into the home and changed the way people prepare their food. Now Brava hopes to make a similar impact with its pure light technology, an oven that uses visible and infrared light to cook many kinds of meals. The Brava oven has a built-in camera, particulate sensors, a humidity sensor, and an array of seven thermometers to assess the condition of the food, air, and cooking chamber. Six halogen lamps heat the food and can reach up to 260°C in a tenth of a second – that enables the oven to cook faster, sear quicker, and retain juiciness. Three zones of ingredients can be cooked simultaneously and algorithms control the heat and light, allowing baking, dehydrating, air-frying, and more. Wi-Fi connectivity means that new programmed recipes can be added every week and instructions, or just the camera image, can be displayed on the oven’s five-inch touch screen – or on a smartphone app. Currently only shipped in North America, prices for the oven start at $1,095, which includes a two-year subscription to the Brava Plus recipe service.


Smart Products - Razer Anzu Lifestyle

Cool Glasses for Gaming on a Sunny day

Razer is mainly known as a maker of computer peripherals especially aimed at gamers. Now the company has presented its first wireless communications eyewear product, Anzu Smart Glasses. Designed as sunglasses, the frames conceal open-ear audio and an omnidirectional microphone which connect to smartphones or computers via 60 ms low-latency Bluetooth. Despite the additional hardware, the glasses only weigh 48 grams and Razer claims the Bluetooth, originally developed for gaming, will make experiences more immersive. The ability to hear ambient sounds as well as transmitted audio allow the wearers to enjoy digital entertainment anywhere, while working or when outdoors. The frames are available in two designs – rectangular or round – and the lenses combine blue light filtering (35 percent protection) with UVA/UVB protective polarization (99 percent protection). For those who lack 20/20 vision, online optician Lensabl is offering a 15 percent discount on prescription lenses for buyers of the Razer Anzu.



Smart Poducts - Garmin Smart Watch for Smart Women

A Smart Watch for Smart Women

Garmin claims the Lily to be “the small and fashionable smartwatch women have been waiting for” and it features menstrual cycle and pregnancy tracking to emphasize the point. Indicators may be logged alongside other health and wellness data in Garmin Connect, which can also give exercise and nutrition advice. The watch can also monitor respiration, pulse oximetry, stress, hydration, advanced sleep, and heart rate (users may configure alerts for high or low readings). In addition, specific monitoring shows the body’s current energy level – this can help with scheduling workouts, rest times, and sleep. Sports apps for yoga, Pilates, cardio, treadmill, and more are also available. Outdoor activities may be tracked if the watch is connected to a compatible smartphone. An assistance feature can also send location details to emergency contacts. The Garmin Lily is available in two styles: the classic model costs $249.99 and a sports model is $50 less.




Wayward Pets Collared

Chinese company Dogness, a developer and manufacturer of pet products, has released the Smart GPS Pet Tracker, a collar or harness-attached device that acts as a virtual leash. The GPS tracker has a 4G SIM card built in to show the pet’s real-time location on the owner’s smartphone. In addition to GPS, the device also uses Wi-Fi, high location accuracy and connection speed wireless location-based services (LBS), and Assisted Global Positioning System (A-GPS) to allow high location accuracy and connection speed.
IoT-Technology in every day Products - Dogness Pet Collar
The battery will work more than a week on standby and it can be charged by cable or wirelessly with the supplied Qi pad. Pet management features in the app monitor activity and health and an alert can be sent if a pet leaves or returns to a “virtual fence” area defined by the owner.


IoT-Technology in every day Products

Blackmagic Design

Multi-Camera Production for Everyone

The Covid pandemic has brought massive changes to the way we communicate – it seems like almost everyone has become a broadcaster, if only on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other free platforms. For the more ambitious, Blackmagic Design’s new series of its Atem Mini streaming boxes allows anyone to create professional, multi-camera productions for live streaming to online services, such as YouTube, Skype, or Zoom. The switches come with up to eight video camera inputs, but computer signals or smartphone displays may also be transferred to the switch. One of the built-in digital video effect generators allows picture-in-picture effects.
IoT-Technology in every day Products - Blackmagic Design ATEM-Mini-Extreme
There are five models available: the original Mini, the Mini Pro, the Mini Pro ISO, the Mini Extreme, and the Mini Extreme ISO. The latter is the top of the range and has eight HDMI inputs, four advanced chroma keyers, six independent DVEs, two media players, two downstream keyers, 16-way multiview, two USB connections, and two HDMI auxiliary outputs. It is available at $1,000, while down the range, the Atem Mini, which was introduced in late 2019, is still available for $300.




Smallest Camera for Big Action

IoT-Technology in every day Products - Insta 360 Pro

What can you expect from a camera that weighs only 27 grams and takes up the space of two sugar cubes? The Go 2, the second version of Insta360’s action camera, offers a 1/2.3-inch image sensor that captures ultrawide-angle photos and videos which are stored internally in 1440p format. An integral magnet makes it easy to attach the camera firmly to magnetic surfaces and there is a range of accessory mounts available for other fixings. For action shots, internal sensors ensure the horizon is always level and Insta360’s FlowState stabilization keeps the images and videos smooth and in focus even when the camera is attached to a mountain biker’s helmet or worn by a surfboarder. It could even be fixed to a pet’s neckband and the resulting shots viewed over Wi-Fi. The camera is controlled over Bluetooth from a small console in the charging case, but a smartphone app can be used to give a better idea of what is being captured. The Insta360 Go 2’s integrated battery provides up to 150 minutes of shooting, and editing can be done automatically by the artificial intelligence algorithms in the FlashCut 2.0 app. The camera is available for $299.99.



Opening Doors to Keyless Access

Smart Products - Nuki Box

Austrian smart-lock specialist Nuki’s latest product allows smart access from the street into apartment blocks for all residents. Nuki Box is installed in a building’s main entrance intercom and door release system, allowing residents to open the door using a smartphone app. While the company’s established solution Nuki Opener is fitted to the intercom installed within an individual flat, the new product can be used by all residents. Nuki Box is compatible with a wide range of installations and administrators can create permissions for tenants, members, service providers, and other essential visitors. This could significantly reduce the administrative burden for property owners and save them money. The owners can also enable residents to assign individual authorizations for themselves.



Music Wherever You Roam

IoT-Technology in every day Products - Sonos RoamThe new Sonos Roam ultra-portable smart speaker can be connected to Sonos systems on Wi-Fi at home – when it is taken outside, it automatically switches to Bluetooth. Another new feature, called Sound Swap, allows users to switch the music to the nearest speaker on a system just by holding the play/pause button. Sonos claims it has made great efforts to provide powerful features and adaptability in this relatively small and light speaker, which weighs less than half a kilogram. Sonos SEO Patrick Spence said: “It’s not only our smartest and most versatile speaker, it’s also our most affordable. Roam provides the opportunity for millions of new customers to get started with Sonos and it is the right product at the right time as we begin to gather again with friends and family.” The speaker, costing $169, is available in shadow black or lunar white. It is dustproof and waterproof, with silicone end caps to protect it against drops or bumps.




Comprehensive Smart Baby Monitor

IoT-Technology in every day Products - Nanit Smart Baby monitor

The Nanit Pro not only monitors sleeping babies, it also tracks their sleep quality, breathing motion, and growth. Its 1080p FHD color video and digital zoom camera can also capture precious memories – and the system provides parents with personalized guidance to help their baby sleep better. A Smart Sheet allows parents to measure a baby’s height and track growth through the camera app. Internal speakers deliver higher quality sound and audio for features like two-way talk, playing nature sounds, and real-time sound notifications.



Easy Roller Blind Automation with HomeKit

Coulisse, in collaboration with smart-home specialist Eve Systems, has launched a range of motors incorporating Apple HomeKit technology. The modules include wireless motors for roller blinds, venetian blinds, cellular shades and curtains. Together, the companies want to make motorized blinds a mass-market product by simplifying their installation and programming. The blinds connect to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, so no gateway or bridge is needed and setup is achieved by simply scanning a QR code. All data is stored locally on the motor for security – data exchanged in the home stays in the home. The blinds also interact with other HomeKit certified accessories, like light bulbs, thermostats and movement detectors.


Smart Products - Coulisse SmartHome


IoT-Technology in every day Products - YeelightIoT-Technology in every day Products

Lighting Up Google Seamless Setup

In partnership with Silicon Labs, Yeelight has developed a smart LED light bulb that supports Seamless Setup in the Google Home system. The multicolor Smart LED Bulb M2 works with Silicon Labs’ Wireless Gecko Bluetooth BG21 system-on-a-chip (SoC), which enables users to connect and control smart home devices in Google Home without the need to install other apps. Both companies say they are seeing increasing consumer demand for sophisticated, user-friendly smart home products with simplified setup requirements and Google Assistant voice control. Yeelight’s Bulb M2 is one of the first to deliver smart lighting integration with Seamless Setup. The bulb can display multicolored eflects, adjustable color temperature, and its brightness goes up to 1,000 lumen. A Google Nest device may act as a hub to connect smart home devices to the web.



IoT-Technology in every day Products

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