Content: Smart Industry – The IoT Business Magazine 1/2021

Title story: The EU Cybersecurity Act: A Price worth Paying - Smart Industry 1/2021

Title story: The EU Cybersecurity Act – A Price worth Paying

With businesses and consumers in Europe facing ever-more sophisticated cyber threats, policy makers are scrambling to ensure there are adequate regulations to help protect them. A host of new rules should improve cybersecurity, but some industry groups warn these will add to costs and administrative burdens and may even spawn confusion and ambiguity.

IoT and Maritime Industry: A sea of data 1/2021

IoT and Maritime Industry: A sea of data

More than 90 percent of the world’s trade volume is moved by sea, amounting to more – than $4 trillion worth of goods every year. This places immense pressure on shipping companies to remain on schedule, protect the cargo ships and crews, and ensure profitability – not trivial tasks.

Smart Sensors: Hot Stuff - 1/2021

Smart Sensors: Hot Stuff

Fire watches, or vigils, have existed since Ancient Rome. Today, instead of people, the latest generation of sensors do all the work much more reliably – and a lot cheaper. The fire detectors work together in a network and sound the alarm via the cloud and Smart Sensors.


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The EU Cybersecurity Act: A Price worth Paying

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IoT and Maritime Industry: A sea of data

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