Content: Smart Industry – The IoT Business Magazine 2/2020

Title story: Climate Change and IoT - Smart Industry 2/2020

Title story: Climate Change and IoT

The use of advanced data analytics, powered by AI, is helping humanity to address climate change in an intelligent way. That is the reason why so many technologists and business leaders, around the world, are now partnering to reduce the emission of dangerous greenhouse gases.

IoT in Sports: The Numbers Game 2/2020

IoT in Sports: The Numbers Game

Excessive collection of statistical data is at the heart of a huge sports trend. As if crunching and interpreting vast amounts of performance-related information will allow you to look into the future. Where humans seem to be limited, artificial intelligence might actually do the trick.

IoT Tracking Systems: Taking The Fright out of Air Freight 2/2020

IoT Tracking Systems: Taking The Fright out of Air Freight

IoT Tracking Systems: Detecting cargo damage in transit can help insurers and forwarders to clear claims faster. Lufthansa Industry Solutions and its partners have developed a novel solution that uses a combination of sensor, eSIM, and blockchain technology.


Editorial: The Joys of Lockdown

Smart People

Smart Business

Climate Change and IoT: How to Save the World

The Power of IoT: A new “Systems Approach”

Top Down: Why AI Initiatives need CIO support

Sustainable IoT: The right Balance

Interview Gunther Kegel and Frank Hansen: Connectivity is the Big Game-Changer

Customs and Border Protection: IoT Gets The Goods

IoT and the Future of Retail: Done Dunning

IoT Compliance Certification: Control is Better – In IoT we Trust

Smart Communication

Data Exchange Standards: Wireless Wars

IoT and Data Ownership: Your Device your Data?

IoT Connectivity: From Baby Steps to Giant Strides

Smart Lifestyle

IoT in Sports: The Numbers Game

Health-Care Wearables: Body Signals

Smart Solutions

IoT Tracking Systems: Taking The Fright out of Air Freight

eSIM and Blockchain from the very beginning: Making IoT more Independant

Power Management: The Power of Nanopower

Interview: Adam Benzion – The Art of Tech

Column Bernd Schöne: Documentation – Damn the Cost!

Column Martin Grossen: Microsoft Azure – Connecting Stuff isn’t enough

Smart Sensors: The Internet of Medical Things

Smart Companies: New IoT Solutions

Interview Prith Banerjee: A Digital Image of the Real World – Digital-Twins

Smart Products: Implementing IoT Technologies

Column: Gerd Leonhard – A new World



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