XAG and Huawei Cooperate on 5G-powered Smart Agriculture

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XAG and Huawei Cooperate on 5G-powered Smart Agriculture

“Cloud for Good” was the theme of the Huawei Cloud City Summit held in Guangzhou in southern China this summer. The summit was aimed at promoting industry innovations driven by 5G-powered technology.

As an agriculture technology company and industrial UAS (unmanned aerial systems) manufacturer, XAG took part in the summit to share its prospect of 5G-powered agriculture in collaboration with Huawei. In his keynote speech Justin Gong, Co-founder and Vice President of XAG, explained the company’s multi-layer smart agriculture solutions. They have developed drones, IoT-modules, artificial intelligence (AI) and other tools for digital farming. With improved efficiency and user experience, 5G is expected to become a new catalyst to accelerate the development of intelligent agriculture.
XAG has now partnered with Huawei on a smart agriculture project in which the two companies initiate joint experiments to explore the potential applications of 5G, AI and Cloud Computing in agriculture. The cooperation is expected to expand throughout the entire production system, with an emphasis on leveraging 5G technology to seamlessly interconnect people and a vast diversity of smart agricultural devices in new level of performance, cost-efficiency and immersive experience. When 5G combines with AI and cloud computing, new production scenarios such as live video monitoring, remote diagnostics and on-site prescription can emerge to enable precision agriculture. The growing condition of croplands can be streamed via live videos on mobile phones to improve farmers’ crop management experience and alleviate consumers’ concern on food safety. Consumers could be well informed by the produce traceability system to close the trust gap between consumer and producer.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: XAG

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