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Wearbles VR: Facbook gets into Eytracking

Facebook has acquired The Eye Tribe, maker of the world’s most affordable eyetracker. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the acquisition but declined to cite the terms of the deal. The company was created in 2011 by four students from the IT University of Copenhagen. Their aim was to make eye tracking more accessible to the masses. Enabling eye control for consumer devices could be a perfect fit for Facebook’s Oculus division and wearbles VR.

The Eye Tribe have already sold 10,000 units of its developer-focused eye-tracking system to embed into hardware devices. They also have a consumer product line, including The Eye Tribe Tracker Pro for 200 €. It can be attached to a computer to monitor the eye movement of the user – it can be used for secure login or scrolling. Oculus founder Palmer Luckey called eye tracking a “critical part” of VR technology’s future. Controlling the Oculus-Rift VR-Device by eyetracking would substantially enhance the possibilities of Wearbles VR.

Author: Tim Cole

Image Credit: Oculus Rift/Facebook


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  1. Going wireless is probably more critical at this point in time.

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