Wearable robotic Garment: MyoSwiss

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Wearable robotic Garment: MyoSwiss

Swiss start-up MyoSwiss – a spin-off from ETH Zurich – is close to finishing the development of the MyoSuit: a wearable robotic garment suit that combines robotic and functional textiles.

When people have difficulties moving due to genetic disorders, neurological conditions, injury, or just aging, the lack of movement can further increase their impairment – leading to even less movement. The MyoSuit is intended to address this.

It can be used as a training device in rehabilitation clinics and physiotherapy studios to train people with mobility impairment undergoing gait endurance and strength training. The lightweight device provides strength and stability like an extra layer of muscle. The company is currently testing prototypes with patients in clinics in Switzerland and France. The Wearable robotic Garment is expected to be launched in the second half of 2019.

Author: Rainer Claaßen
Image Credit: MyoSwiss


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