WattIQ Smart Plugs to Become Data Mines

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WattIQ Smart Plugs to Become Data Mines

WattIQ has announced the first scalable, enterprise-grade IoT solution for asset utilization and condition monitoring built around smart plugs, thus essentially turning smart plugs into data mines. By simply plugging into WattIQ’s network of connected smart plugs, enterprises can monitor device utilization, health, and location of assets.

Formerly known as Ibis Networks, WattIQ applies machine learning to power consumption at the device level, analyzing assets like centrifuges, incubators, HPLCs, vending machines, freezers, and other electrical office equipment as soon as they connect to the smart plugs.
WattIQ’s low-touch solution gets assets connected to the network in just minutes. Within 60 seconds of being connected, power data for the asset is visible, and actionable insights are available within 24 hours. It is also possible to pilot or fully deploy the technology without the need to invite WattIQ onsite.

The WattIQ system is both manufacturer- and device type-agnostic and can scale from tens to thousands of assets within a building or across multiple sites, the company says. The centralized dashboard enables easy management of the smart plugs, as well as insights from an individual asset to an aggregated asset class or department view.
WattIQ’s insights into asset utilization and the true cost of ownership makes it possible to optimize CapEx and OpEx by redeploying under-utilized assets, moving to usage-based maintenance and asset sharing. The added benefit of proactive asset health monitoring prevents unplanned failures, protecting the enterprise’s science and products.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Pixabay

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