VR Camera Insta360:  Just Like Being there

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VR Camera Insta360: Just Like Being there

As VR sets like the Oculus Go become more popular, you may want to create panoramic content for them yourself. With the new VR camera from Insta360 this is quite easy.

the camera allows shooting in two different formats. When the cubic housing is folded, the camera takes spherical HD videos or photos covering a full 360-degree view. When opened up, the two lenses shoot in the same direction, providing stereoscopic 3D footage. Watched with a VR headset, the impression is stunning – you get the impression of actually being where the photo or video was shot. The VR camera is available from the online shop at insta360.com at a price of €470.

Author: Rainer Claassen
Image Credit: insta360.com


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