Vodafone: IoT SIM Cards in V by Vodafone Products

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Vodafone: IoT SIM Cards in V by Vodafone Products

Since the beginning of August, Vodafone has started shipping dedicated Internet of Things IoT SIM cards to consumers. They are integrated into IoT-enabled consumer electronics products like V-Auto, a plug-and-drive dongle that can be added to cars, giving them an SOS and tracking function. Other products already launched are V-Camera, a wireless HD mobile security camera that connects to Vodafone’s IoT network, and V-Bag, a briefcase, handbag, and schoolbag tracker that will alert users if their bag leaves a designated area such as a playground or a crowded bar.

Vodafon IotT SIM Cards

Setting up a product requires scanning a QR code to register it and add it to the monthly fee of an existing Vodafone mobile account. A smartphone app provides users with an overview of all IoT enabled products they have registered. The new IoT SIVodafon connect to Vodafone’s LPWA IoT networks in 32 countries.

Image Credit: Vodafon


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