Mobility market: New Smart Car from Sony

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Mobility market: New Smart Car from Sony

At this years CES show in Las Vegas, Sony previewed the prototype of a car called “VISION-S”. It is meant to further strengthen the company’s effort to enter the mobility market:

The pursuit of safety, reliability, comfort and entertainment. This prototype incorporates imaging and sensing technologies, as well as on-board software regulated using AI, telecommunication and cloud technologies, in order to continuously update and improve the cars features.

33 sensors including CMOS image sensors and ToF sensors are embedded within the vehicle, in order to detect and recognize people and objects inside and outside the car and provide highly advanced driving support. Sony’s “360 Reality Audio” provides an immersive audio experience through speakers built into each seat. The front seats face a panoramic screen on which rich and diverse content can be enjoyed with the help of an intuitive user interface.
On the website the company has released for the VISON-S, it is described like this:

Going from place to place every day will become a time for people to indulge in the luxury of enjoying movies and other video. The ergonomic user interface will be extremely intuitive, with each driver and passenger able to freely access content. A jog dial will also be installed, allowing fingertip video control, even if the viewer has chosen to recline their seats.

Sony plans to combine technologies to deliver greater safety and reliability, while also striving to inspire new emotion through in-car entertainment experiences. If (and when) offsprings of this prototype will find their way to public streets has not been announced yet.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Sony

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