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RFID: IoT Sensors Technology

Mojix, a specialist in Radio frequency identification (RFID) and sensor technology, has released a new inventory management product called TurboAntenna to provide hands-free, item-level tracking for retailers and brands. Several stores and brands are already piloting the company’s new TurboAntenna with Mojix’s STARflex reader to capture items’ locations within a store or stockroom in real time. The firm is also releasing the 1.0 version of an app known as Retail Task Management, that enables store employees to view inventory and replenishment details, based on the Retail Task Management software platform, on an iOS- or Android-based device, thereby making stock management easier.
In addition, Mojix is teaming with Microsoft to offer a Blockchain-enhanced version of its solution so that members of an enterprise supply chain—retailers, suppliers and logistics providers, for example—can view their transactions related to RFID tag reads via Blockchain-empowered smart contracts.
Stores, stockrooms and warehouses filled with goods destined for retailers can provide some of the most difficult environments for passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID tag tracking. “The original premise of RFID was about automatic data capture,” says Scot Stelter, Mojix’s product marketing VP. However, he adds, handheld readers have been the low-cost option for many retailers. Deploying fixed readers has been challenging not only due to their cost, but also in terms of functionality.

Author: Tim Cole
Image credit: Mojix


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