Traffic and IoT: Honda introduces the smart intersection

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Traffic and IoT: Honda introduces the smart intersection

Traffic and IoT: Automaker Honda has unveiled what they describe as “the world’s first smart intersection.” The technology, called “vehicle-2-everything”, or V2X, is part of a $2 million pilot program that will advance development of automated and autonomous cars. To kick off the new system, Honda has installed cameras atop four stoplight posts at the corner of Main Street and Fifth Avenue in Marysville, Ohio, which can pick up emergency vehicles, pedestrians in the walkway, and potential red-light violators from about 100 meters, or one city block, and warn drivers who can’t see them from around buildings and other obstructions. Data is passed from roadside infrastructure to a vehicle. Visual warnings are displayed on the car’s dash, in addition to audio prompts.

Traffic and IoT: Honda introduces the smart intersection

Traffic and IoT: “Smart Intersection” technology for vehicle-to-everything.

For instance, the system can visually detect pedestrians that have entered a crosswalk and warn the driver, even when they are not directly within line of sight. According to Honda, around 20 percent of the nearly 35,000 traffic deaths in the US occur at intersections. The quicker a driver or vehicle is alerted, the more time for taking action. Other vehicles can be alerted to clear the way for an ambulance carrying a critically injured person even before the sirens can be heard. For those with hearing difficulties particularly, the visual warning helps them to react much quicker. Ted Klaus, VP of Strategic Research at Honda R&D Americas, said:

Honda believes that V2X technology is an essential component of a smarter and safer transportation ecosystem and can play a role in our dream for a zero-collision society.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Honda

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