Connected Devices AT&T: Pushing 5G to the limit

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Connected Devices AT&T: Pushing 5G to the limit

Connected Devices AT&T: The firm expects to achieve 5G data rates of 1Gb/s by the end of 2017, during a dual-city trial. In a press release, the US operator said it is set to begin the latest phase of its next generation network trial soon, with initial rates expected to reach 400Mb/s. As the company densifies the network and adds carrier aggregation and LTE License Assisted Access technology, it expects to take rates up to 1Gb/s in some areas. The operator also discussed its move to network function virtualization, which it aims to deploy across 55% of its footprint by the year-end.

AT&T previously announced its software defined networking target was 75% by 2020, with current figures standing at 34%. The move to virtualized networking is being developed under the company’s Indigo banner.
AT&T CSO and group president John Donovan said Indigo would enable “a world where it isn’t just your connection speeds that are accelerating, but every element of the network becomes more seamless, efficient and capable. It is a living, evolving, upgradeable platform”.

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