IoT and GPS: Tracking Pets & Property Tracking

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IoT and GPS: Tracking Pets & Property Tracking

Trackerando, a GPS tracking solution provider, has chosen Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT for its enhanced tracking services. Trackerando markets GPS tracking solutions for a variety of applications, including fleet management, personal car locating, people tracking, elderly patient monitoring, and pet recovery. Trackerando relies on the provision of a high-quality, secure and robust IoT and GPS solution that tracks vehicles, people and assets.

Bodo Erken, CEO of Trackerando, told reporters that

it took us only six weeks from start to finish to build a fully customized IoT solution using Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT. This enables us to connect, monitor and track vehicles, people and assets in real-time and gain significant insights into the location of thousands of devices with diverse uses. Ultimately, Trackerando enables its cus-tomers to recover misplaced cars, monitor their children’s location, find lost pets and, on the indus-trial side, optimize fleet management routes and improve resource allocation.

Trackerando’s IoT and GPS solution allows customers to quickly set-up apps with real-time monitoring and tracking functionality. Devices are automatically registered on the Cumulocity IoT platform and fully integrated within Trackerando’s online registration and payment systems.

Once registered, Trackerando customers – among them hospitals and elderly homes – can use a set of smart rules to enable geo-fencing alerts, proximity-based rules and multi-modal alarms. Integration into payment systems for simple ordering and accounting is also possible. Trackerando has Apps for iOS and Android smart phones.

The need for in-home monitoring of elderly people is growing. Erken added:

With the placement of sensors around a home and the use of a wearable device, the wellness and safety of elderly people living independently can be remotely monitored through their movement, location, interactions and vital signs. Abnormal situations can trigger alarms for caregivers or family members. Equally, an elderly person can raise an alarm themselves by pushing a button on their device to call for imme-diate help.

Bernd Gross, senior vice president, IoT and Cloud, Software AG said:

Trackerando’s focus on their customers’ requirements ensures that they stay ahead in the competitive tracking market. Founding their IoT solution on Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT ensures that Trackerando can main-tain their focus whilst simultaneously taking advantage of the continuous evolution of the leading carrier-grade IoT platform.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Software AG

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