Topaz Embraces IoT with BHGE’s VitalyX Lubricant Monitoring System

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Topaz Embraces IoT with BHGE’s VitalyX Lubricant Monitoring System

Offshore marine logistics company Topaz Energy and Marine (Topaz) signed a long-term agreement and placed an order with Baker Hughes, a GE company to collaborate on deploying BHGE’s lubricant condition monitoring system, VitalyX, enhancing the maintenance and upkeep of Topaz’s fleet of vessels and helping to significantly increase field time for each vessel. VitalyX is expected to be deployed on the entire module carrying vessel fleet for Topaz in late 2019 and is the largest single collaboration with the technology since being first unveiled at BHGE’s Annual Meeting in January.

Utilising IoT by combining sensor hardware with condition monitoring software, the real-time data produced from VitalyX will provide Topaz with vital technical information on the condition of its vessels and the maintenance required to achieve optimal performance. Specifically, sensors will be deployed in key equipment onboard, such as the engine, thrusters and genset which will monitor the lube oil for contaminants, such as metal particles and soot.
The system also monitors for the presence of water, salt water, glycol, fuel dilution, TBN and TAN index, assisting in predicting equipment failures and improving the life cycle of the lube oil. VitalyX Monitoring System further improves on Topaz’s ability to predict and prevent breakdowns before they happen, helping to minimize costs and better plan condition-based maintenance for more efficient dry-docking.
Rene Kofod-Olsen, CEO of Topaz Energy and Marine said:

This agreement with BHGE marks a significant step towards Topaz’s mission of being a strong global partner not only for our customers but also for our suppliers. Through trials with innovative solutions such as VitalyX, we have created long-term partnerships with leading companies such as BHGE, and are now positioned at the forefront of digital innovation as we relentlessly look for ways to enhance our customers’ experience. Our collaboration with BHGE exemplifies our ongoing strategy of being a leading offshore marine logistics provider. We look forward to working with BHGE on a collaborative basis to continually improve our progressive and agile fleet of vessels.

Martin Helweg, COO of Topaz Energy and Marine added:

Digitalisation and smart technologies offer a vast range of opportunities for the shipping industry across all sectors and disciplines. Topaz began its digital journey four years ago and has moved from vision and strategy into implementation and execution. Most OSV operators are still in the initial stages of their digital journey, but we now have the equipment and the right skillset in place and have begun to reap the rewards of this transformation. We look forward to incorporating more innovative services with leading companies such as BHGE and seeing how digitalisation will help our industry develop attractive propositions for our customers.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Topaz

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