Smart device: Titanium Falcon Releases SDK for Smart Ring Talon

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Smart device: Titanium Falcon Releases SDK for Smart Ring Talon

Titanium Falcon, a Silicon Valley start-up founded in 2014, has begun shipment of their developer kits. Their smart device called „Talon“ is the first motion-control, open application smart ring. It allows users to control a wide array of devices and interfaces using natural hand movements. To make interactions with  technology seamless,  it utilizes sensitive motion sensors. This enables the usage of many applications for gameplay, VR, AI, home tech, social, cameras, fitness, and more. The Bluetooth connection syncs with different devices and applications with ease, while the wearable is small, sleek, and unobtrusive. The easy integration makes this ring both functional and extremely accessible to all ages. The developer kit will be delivered – among others – to Ubisoft, Ericsson, Spatialand and VRotein.

Talon Ring Titanium Falcon Smart Device

While the company will be initially focused on integration with VR and gaming consoles with the release of the device, they do have plans to expand into more applications soon. Titanium Falcon looks forward to working closely with developers and brands to create partnerships. They are hoping to reinvent the way humans communicate with technology.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Titanium Falcon

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