Tencent Cloud and STMicroelectronics Announce Cooperation on IoT operation system

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Tencent Cloud and STMicroelectronics Announce Cooperation on IoT operation system

Tencent Cloud IoT Division of Tencent Group and STMicroelectronics have announced their cooperation on Tencent’s latest IoT operation system, TencentOS Tiny LoRaWAN.

Through TencentOS Tiny LoRaWAN running on STM32 LoRaWAN software expansion package, this cooperation will allow simple, seamless access to the one-stop software solutions on the Tencent Cloud IoT Explorer platform for faster time-to-market of large-volume IoT applications.

Tencent OS Tiny is an open-source compact IoT embedded operation system (OS). To simplify LoRaWAN migration and accelerate time-to-market for Chinese IoT developers, Tencent has expanded the TencentOS Tiny family and unveiled the new addition, TencentOS Tiny LoRaWAN. It is available first in ST’s STM32 LoRaWAN software expansion package, which contains STM32 microcontroller software and the latest Firmware Update Over The Air (FUOTA) specifications.

The collaboration between Tencent and ST will allow any developer to create LoRaWAN and FUOTA nodes based on STM32 products, and easily access all the needed software components validated by Tencent Cloud IoT Explorer in a secure and efficient way, bringing greater convenience and productivity to Chinese developers and customers.

As a market leader in 32-bit MCUs with a powerful ecosystem and IoT-related infrastructure, the STM32 is a natural first choice for the anchor platform for Tencent’s IoT OS,

said Arnaud Julienne, Vice President, Head of Marketing and Applications of MDG, Leader of IoT/AI Competence Center and Digital Marketing, Asia Pacific Region, STMicroelectronics.

Combining Tencent’s leading IoT platform with ST’s strong LoRaWAN solutions and support of robust STM32 ecosystem assures best-in-class experience to Chinese IoT developers and customers.

ST is the most influential MCU product partner in Tencent Cloud IoT solutions. We will work closely to serve the IoT industry, jointly expand the business ecosystem, and build the industrial IoT New situation,

said Yachen Wang, General Manager of Tencent Cloud Network.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Tencent Group

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