Telco Communication: Consumers unexcited about 5G

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Telco Communication: Consumers unexcited about 5G

The buzz about 5G appears to be limited to telco communication professionals – normal consumers couldn’t care less. That at least is the result of an opinion poll conducted by RepeaterStore, a leading online reseller of cell phone signal boosters, small cells, and a systems integrator of in-building active and passive distributed antenna systems. 59% didn’t even know 5G is just around the corner, and only 38% said they are looking forward to the new system. Part of the problem is the perception that telcos have failed to live up to their promises with existing 4G technology. Almost 20% of consumers struggle with 4G LTE coverage at home or at work, and that 8 years after roll-out of LTE. In addition, worries about cancer caused by the new largely-untested “millimeter-wave” frequencies used for 5G are growing, despite lack of any serious scientific proof that radio waves can indeed cause tumors.

Telco Communication - Consumers unexcited about 5G -

Sina Khanifar – CEO of Repeaterstore

Despite these finding, Sina Khanifar, CEO of repeaterstore remains upbeat about the opportunities 5G will offer.

Our poll results indicate there seems to be a real opportunity in delivering home broadband using 5G

he said. And all four major carriers in the U.S. are rushing to launch commercial networks before their competitors. It’s looking likely that Q4 of 2018 will see limited 5G rollouts across the US, with further expansion through 2019.

  • T-Mobile has promised to roll out mobile 5G in 30 cities by the end of 2019.
  • Verizon has just launched their 5G home broadband initiative in Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and Sacramento.
  • AT&T has promised to launch mobile 5G in at least 19 cities by the end of the year.
  • Sprint has announced the first six cities that will be part of its 5G rollout in early 2019.

Author: Tim Cole
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