Technology for the Balance of Being

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Technology for the Balance of Being

Panasonic has teamed up with British design agency Layer to present a series of intelligent products, entitled Balance of Being.

The collection showcases six concept ideas that combine emerging technology with experience design and explores how people can have more meaningful engagement with products that take care of them. Within the range is a smart cooking and food-maturing appliance, called Lift, that uses advanced heat and pressure technology and sensors to quickly “lift” food to its most optimal nutritional state. Another product, Tone, is a fashion-led device that is hung around a person’s neck to improve the complexion and health of their skin and décolletage using steam and LED light treatments.

Technology for the Balance of Being - Layer Panasonic

Related to Tone is Grow, which provides LED light treatment for hair and hair follicles to promote healthy growth. Panasonic and Layer have approached the collection with a focus on changing behaviors and exploring new materials such as glazed ceramic, refined timber, and constructed textiles, in a pale tonal palette, allowing these tech products to feel natural in the home. Takehiro Ikeda, creative director at Panasonic Design, said,

Balance aims to close this gap between technology and our lifestyles, focusing more on human interaction, comfort, enhancing our lifestyles, and providing truly meaningful experiences with technology, allowing us to bond with one another instead of our devices.

The companies did not make any announcements on when the products will actually appear on the market.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Layer/Panasonic


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