Taoglas Launches EDGE System-on-Module IoT-Portfolio

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Taoglas Launches EDGE System-on-Module IoT-Portfolio

IoT and digital transformation expert Taoglas launched a comprehensive System-on-Module (SoM) portfolio for instant IoT development. It has been designed for a range of technology applications – among them transportation, remote healthcare and smart buildings. The SoMs (System-on-Module) are based on Taoglas’ design platform and offer a high degree of flexibility and scalability while shortening time-to-market for OEMs and enterprises. Taoglas customers can choose between different multi-sensor, pre-certified boards, which simplifies the IoT design process.

Whether it’s in the area of connected health, energy and utility, agriculture and industrial, or construction, Taoglas can ensure your project doesn’t come up against any of the common challenges that normally face IoT projects time to market,

says Adrian Burns, Head IoT Solutions Architect at Taoglas.

With a proven and highly-reliable platform and approach, our team of world-class firmware and hardware experts, front-end and back-end developers and RF engineers will work with you to bring industry-leading IoT solutions to market quickly and cost-effectively. By working with Taoglas, there’s no need to engage in a long and expensive design process.

We can provide development, manufacturing and supply services for the complete hardware solution to be the one-stop-shop for enterprises looking to transform their business through IoT. Taoglas can take one of our off-the-shelf SoMs and use it as is in your device to provide computing and connectivity, or we can quickly customize it with additional functionality, for example adding a camera vision component, or integrating it into your existing legacy equipment.

Adrian continued.
With a flexible offering covering most connectivity options, global positioning standards, vision AI and sensors, Taoglas claims it’s EDGE SoM portfolio to be a complete edge-to-cloud enablement platform comprising of hardware, a cloud-based management platform and connectivity. Common attributes for all of Taoglas’ EDGE SoMs are:

  • Reliable, robust codebase
  • Low-power
  • Device lifecycle management
  • Integration with Taoglas Insights cloud-based platform for device, data management and analytics
  • On-board sensors
  • On-board antennas with optional external antenna options
  • Firmware maintenance support, upgrade services and OTA updates

Taoglas Launches EDGE System-on-Module IoT-Portfolio

Taoglas SoM portfolio includes:

  • EDGE EC55 with seven onboard environmental and movement sensors, cellular and Bluetooth connectivity and an advanced on-board analytics engine (Kinetica).
  • EDGE EM15 – a compact multi-sensor SoM with cellular, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth classic, BLE5.2 (AOA/AOD) connectivity in a small form factor.
  • EDGE IG25 – an industrial multi-sensor SoM with cellular and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n connectivity including industrial communication protocols, integrated digital and analog I/Os, industrial grade connectors, low power consumption and also features a dual-core processor, firmware/OS RTOS and applications.

With Taoglas’ production-ready System-on-Module (SoM)s, cloud platform and APIs, Taoglas offers turnkey IoT hardware and software platforms as well as comprehensive development services, manufacturing capabilities and expert technical support. Samples are currently available with different cellular options depending on customers’ use cases.

Author: Rainer Claaßen
Image Credit: Taoglas


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