Sunflower Labs: A drone for Home Security

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Sunflower Labs: A drone for Home Security

Houses with large gardens in remote areas are vulnerable to housebreaking. A drone for Home Security will help. The start-up company Sunflower Labs with offices in Birmensdorf, Switzerland, and San Francisco is working on an innovative security solution for up to 6 acres of land.

Apart from an intelligent system it consists of three components: sensors integrated in garden lamps that the company calls sunflowers, an autonomous drone that will fly over the property and take photos when alerted, which they call the bee, and a docking station for the drone called the hive. Unlike common motion-activated lights that work with only one or two motion sensors, the sunflowers contain over 20 sensors that can detect motion and vibration. They share information with one another, comparing notes to reduce false alarms.

They learn a property’s daily activities and use information from other smart home devices to make the best alert decisions possible. When something alarming happens on a property, the system initiates the bee to take the fastest and safest route and find the optimal angle to capture the scene – making sure that the camera does not capture areas beyond the property. The bee then returns to its hive and lands safely within it – conductive charging rings quickly recharge the batteries to full capacity. The company has not yet announced when the system will enter the market and what the price will be.

Author: Rainer Claaßen
Image Credit: Sunflower Labs

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