Successful Smart Meter Roll-out in Northern Europe

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Successful Smart Meter Roll-out in Northern Europe

Norther Europe most ambitious smart meter project, a joint venture between Kamstrup, a smart meter specialist, and Radius, a part of the Dong Energy Group), involving one million remote-read electricity meters, is close to achieving its target date by the end of 2019.

isMobile, a Swedish mobile workforce management solution provider, contributed the necessary Smart Meter Rollout tool.

We are very pleased with working with isMobile and their ability to tune processes and configure interfaces towards several systems involved in an Advanced Meter Infrastructure,

said Morten Winter, program manager at Kamstrup.

We also wanted extreme high hit-rate for first appointment with end customer, efficient meter installation and quality control & follow-up. isMobile has delivered on all

he continued.

We are delighted to have been selected as a partner to Kamstrup in a number of smart meter roll-out projects. In addition to our long experience of field service management in large projects and thus our developed ability to configure processes, I want to emphasize our solution regarding notification to end customers. The efficiency of deployment projects stands and falls with communication with customers.

said Leif Hedlund, Head of Sales at isMobile.

The Kamstrup-Radius cooperation is a turnkey delivery including installation, with the Danish energy company Radius as the project owner. Initially, 1,500 meters were scheduled to be installed every day but on some days, the number of replaced meters even reached up to 2,500. isMobile has been in the field service management market for nearly 20 years and has deep application knowledge and technical skills within workforce optimization, scheduling, dispatching, how to handle change and manage several subcontractors.

One crucial component in current IoT-projects is field service management with a very well-defined process. The isMobile SmartMeter-Rollout tool is a specific optimized package, based on the companies core Blå product platform, with tuned processes to meet large-scale smart meter deployment projects. The isMobile Meter Reading tool and isMobile Smart Meter Maintenance tool are examples of complimentary optimized product packages for the Smart Grid ecosystem.

Our Smart Meter Rollout tool has been selected for several projects in Europe during the last four years. We have learned a lot from these projects working with demanding and forward-looking partners. It feels like we’ve just started, let’s speak more about new large-scale projects to kick-off very soon.

said Mikael Bäckman, CEO of isMobile.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: isMobile

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