Solbright and M2M Merge to Form „Iota Communications“

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Solbright and M2M Merge to Form „Iota Communications“

Solbright Group, Inc. an industrial AI, machine learning and energy management company providing IoT solutions for commercial and industrial facilities, and IoT network access and IoT solutions company M2M Spectrum Networks announced the signing of a merger agreement creating the first publicly-traded, pure-play, fully-featured IoT network operating company in the U.S.
The merger follows Solbright and M2M‘s June partnership announcement, offering a Smart Facilities line of products and services, called SF Net, which includes security, asset tracking, facilities management, energy management, predictive maintenance and more.
The new combined company is called Iota Communications, Inc. (Iota) and will add M2M’s healthcare, logistics, agricultural, and geo-marketing base to Solbright’s smart facilities and industrial offerings.

The more we understood Solbright’s resources, the more we realized that a complete integration of the two companies would have the potential to create significant value for both customers and shareholders,

said Iota Communications Co-Founder and CEO Barclay Knapp.

Our plug-and-play IoT network access system, licensed radio frequencies, and customer applications, coupled with Solbright’s superior ‘back-end’ analytical capabilities, will provide a comprehensive end-to-end platform that we believe is unmatched in today’s IoT industry. We anticipate that becoming the country’s first publicly-traded, pure-play IoT network operating company will provide us with significant competitive advantages as we accelerate Iota’s strategic development.

Our partnership with Iota revealed a tremendous opportunity for us to put the companies together to drive value for our shareholders and customers,

added Solbright Chairman and CEO Terrence DeFranco.

This transaction is potentially a catalyst to place us years ahead in terms of our existing business in serving commercial and industrial facilities managers while adding significant value as a full service, turn-key IoT service provider in multiple verticals. In all, we believe this deal puts us at the forefront in the industry and we could not be more excited to be a part of such a dynamic and explosive opportunity.

Under the terms of the Agreement and Plan of Merger and Reorganization Spectrum Networks Group, LLC, the majority owner of M2M, will convert its previously announced $5 million investment into Solbright common stock at $1.00 per share. Solbright will acquire 100 percent of M2M in accordance with a share exchange in which approximately 143.27 million shares of common stock will be issued to the equity owners of M2M plus warrants to acquire an additional approximate 11.99 million shares of common stock. The parties expect the closing to take place in early September 2018.
Iota will be led by Barclay Knapp as Chairman and CEO and Terrence DeFranco as President and CFO. Barclay Knapp and Terrence DeFranco will be the initial members of the Board of Directors and additional members will be appointed at the time of the merger. The parties expect to change Solbright’s trading symbol shortly after the closing of the merger, and Iota intends to apply for an up-listing of its stock onto a major exchange upon meeting the listing qualifications.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Iota Communications

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