Social Media: Facebook Creates New Corporate Branding

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Social Media: Facebook Creates New Corporate Branding

Social Media behemoth Facebook has given its logo a long-awaited facelift intended to be used by all the companies affiliates and subsidiaries such as Instagram and WhatsApp

However, the old brand emblem will be retained by the original social media platform. Facebook hopes to boost public awareness of the range of products the company now offers. In interviews, Antonio Luci, head of marketing at Facebook, told Bloomberg that many consumers are unaware that Instagram and WhatsApp belong to the extended Facebook family. The decision to focus on their commonality could bear risks, Lucio admitted, given the controversies surrounding the parent company in the wake of scandals such as the Cambridge Analytica data leak, but Facebook is gambling that this will be offset by long-term public awareness gains.
Originally, Facebook had planned to change its corporate name, sources within the company revealed, similar to Google’s decision to create Alphabet as a corporate umbrella. Lucia insisted that Facebook will not “run away from its problems”. In future, the links between Instagram and WhatsApp an its mother company will be emphasized in all public communications instead.
Facebook also owns Oculus, a manufacturer of VR headsets, and Workplace, and an enterprise connectivity platform.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Facebook

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