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Smart Video Conferencing from Poly

Plantronics and Polycom, who recently joined to form the company Poly, announced the “Poly Studio X Series”. Combined Video- and Sound-Bars, that can easily add Smart Video Conferencing functions to any Classroom or Conference room, opening up new opportunities to Zoom-enabled classrooms.

There are two different models – the X30 and the X50 – to cover conference rooms and environments of different sizes. To set up Video-Conferencing in a room, users so far had to have some sort of computing device connected to a TV to drive the experience. The new devices allow students and educators to run Smart Video Conferencing directly without using a remote control to place a call. The simple touch controller called TC8, that is included with both products is used as Zoom Rooms controller.
The Studio X30 can fit into a backpack – but still has significant audio power. The Studio X50 is just slightly larger and integrates a louder pair of speakers for a better audio experience and additional microphones to widen the pickup range.
Both units have integrated 4K cameras, that deliver high-resolution self-framing video. The entire classroom is covered, but with the help of image analysis, the camera can be set to focus in on individual participants as soon as they begin to speak. From elementary school classrooms to executive MBA programs, the Poly Studio X Series can enhance connected learning for educational organizations. The company has not yet released the pricing for the devices.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Poly

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