Smart Scales get Even Smarter

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Smart Scales get Even Smarter

With the Body Scan health station, Withings aims to go much further than its previous smart scales, providing users with a 6-lead ECG, assistance with peripheral neuropathy detection, and access to science-based health plans, in addition to segmental body composition measurements.

Body Scan is designed to provide analysis of a range of biomarkers to assist in active health prevention. In doing so, Body Scan takes cardiovascular measurements, including a 6-lead ECG, heart rate and vascular age. It is also designed to assist in the detection of peripheral neuropathy via a 30-second measurement – impaired nerve activity that is common in diabetes sufferers. Through the app, Body Scan provides additional access to health experts and coaches, as well as personalized health plans designed to help users achieve their health goals. The programs, developed with physicians, provide medical advice based on data collected about diet, sleep, exercise and mental health.

Smart Scales get Even Smarter - Withings Scale

Although the scale shows numerous values and info directly on the integrated display, the Body Scan, like the rest of Withings’ health products, relies on the manufacturer’s Health Mate app, which displays not only long-term histories but also advanced analysis and health tips.

The new Body Scan connects to the home network via WLAN, supports automatic recognition of up to eight users and is equipped with an integrated battery with a runtime of up to one year. The manufacturer expects CE approval and market launch in the second half of the year, and the retail price for the Withings Body Scan is expected to be 299.95 euros.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Withings

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