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Andreas Jamm of Boldly Go Industries

At the age of 8, Andreas Jamm was experimenting with electronics and writing his first IT program as a way of earning his first pocket money. Even as a child, he was an inventor with an entrepreneurial spirit. The young inventor went on to become a bold entrepreneur, who today consults renowned industrial players on their future platform business models and innovative smart services offerings. To get to this point, however, Jamm and his company had to reinvent themselves. Over more than ten years, Jamm successfully led a traditional SAP consultancy specialized in porta-, intra-, and extranet solutions. However, he anticipated early on that the digital future also required a different approach: the understanding of new interdependent technologies in complex application scenarios to solve the new emerging customer challenges that the digital era brought about.
Jamm notes that “we are observing that the market is demanding, especially in the context of IoT and industry 4.0, a new type of consultancy with new inspiration, impulses, and methodical approaches to guide customers collaboratively to new, data-based digital business models and smart solutions.” He adds that “this realization was also the early motivation for us to initiate our own transformation as a modern and innovative consultancy. In retrospect, this early, first-mover step was a very important one for us!”
“The journey into the unknown wasn’t always easy, even uncomfortable at times, but this is exactly where you learn the most. And it is from this, our very own transformation experience, that we can share and consult companies in the same process with realistic integrity and not just a new marketing tab on a web page! We felt the struggle and the challenge but we also seized the opportunity as we see our bold customers are ready to do,” Jamm recalls.

The market demands a new type of consulting, new inspiration and new impulses in the context of IoT.

Andreas Jamm

IoT consultants: Andreas Jamm of Boldly Go Industries


Jamm made his company’s transformation his very own priority. He transformed the skill and solution portfolio, built up a new team, experimented with unconventional new organizational forms and changed his success paradigm for a consultancy in a new digital area – moving from plan–build–run to innovate–design–transform. Everything was viewed upside down, to gain insight and take ideas and people out of their habitual comfort zones. This included the brand, a central communication tool for the future mission of the unconventional consultancy. Nothing seemed to ft better than an allusion to the classic but timeless intro of the beloved sci-f story Star Trek with its slogan, “Boldly go where no man has gone before.” The commitment by Captain Kirk and his crew is embraced no less by Jamm and his excited team. Thus, the brand Boldly Go Industries was born. “Boldly Go Industries expresses our mission to explore new bold steps towards the digital future together with our customers,” explains Jamm. To be able to face this complex new world, Jamm built up an interdisciplinary team of experts in the areas of strategy, design, technology, and data science.
Jamm believes in his vision that “through this breadth of expertise, we can cover the entire digitization value chain from the methodical generation of innovative ideas and a user-centered digital design up to the technological full-stack implementation, such as, for example, a smart automated service, all in one.” A highly successful and popular example, proving the validity of BGO’s self-reinvention, is the customer Endress+Hauser Flowtech AG, a producer of industrial measuring devices. Boldly Go developed a platform based app for a smart diagnostics and predictive maintenance scenario. Especially in the feld of process industry, the overall plant efficiency and availability becomes an increasingly critical economic success factor, Jamm says.
As it is common in large plants to have a wide variety and large number of manufacturer equipment installed, each and every one of these process components needs to fulfll maximum reliability and application intelligence requirements. This will allow, through various features, the monitoring of the actual real-time health of things, and, at some point, processes, as well as autonomously carrying through the required service transactions at a minimum risk point in time. The solution not only allows, on the basis of a digital twin, a transparent view on the current real-time asset health data but enhances this information with intelligent microservices to generate new insights. This Boldly Go project with Flowtech, generally viewed as an IoT lighthouse initiative, was presented among others to chancellor Angela Merkel at the Digital Summit 2017. But Jamm and his crew didn’t stop there – they have now anticipated the next level and implemented their vision in a frst real tech machine-to-service use case. “Technological feasibility, as of today, allows us to imagine and test entirely new approaches on value creation networks and partnerships in digitized and IoT-enabled industrial ecosystems,” Jamm explains. Currently, he and his crew are beta-testing smart contracts and real-time service payments based on blockchain technology along an automated, end-to-end process from incident diagnostic to automatic maintenance. Boldly Go Industries’ transformation doesn’t stop at its own business model. Jamm continues to develop his consultancy toward a digital product-based future for tomorrow’s industrial challenges.
In collaboration with other excited stakeholders within the process industry, Jamm is working on building an IoT-based platform solution (PaaS) for connected data-based added services within dedicated use cases. A strong network of industrial partners and customers is already on board to join the pioneer and explore new IoT galaxies together. On that note: boldly go where no man has gone before…

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