Smart lighting: Digital Lumens acquired by Osram

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Smart lighting: Digital Lumens acquired by Osram

After acquiring LED Engin and Maneri-Agraz Enterprises earlier this year, Munich based lighting manufacturer Osram now took over Digital Lumens. Financial terms of the acquisition of the industrial and commercial smart building company were not disclosed.
The deal is supposed to strengthen Osram’s portfolio of IoT applications in industrial lighting segment.
Digital Lumen are experts in intelligent lighting control, energy use, and security systems for commercial and industrial buildings. They offer smart-lighting solutions through the combination of IoT sensors, connected lights and cloud-based software, with over 2500 installations running. They sell digital products like intelligent LEDs and lighting controls as well as platforms like SiteWorx and Light Rules.
“The acquisition of Digital Lumens puts Osram in a strong position when it comes to offering future-focused digital solutions for the facilities management sector and IoT applications. By integrating software and sensors in a single platform, we will be able to give businesses a deeper insight into the environment within their buildings and their utilization of space”, said Stefan Kampmann, CTO at OSRAM Licht AG

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Digital Lumen


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