Smart Helmet for Cycling: Coros Omni

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Smart Helmet for Cycling: Coros Omni

Coros makes cycling safer and smarter with a new helmet called Omni. The Smart Helmet for Cycling is designed to help riders get the most enjoyment, freedom, and awareness out of their rides and enhances safety and performance at the same time. The helmet uses bone conduction technology placed on the helmet straps and allows the rider to hear without the safety issues of using ear buds. Bone conduction sends small vibrations directly to the inner ear and bypasses the ear canal, leaving the ear completely open and aware of external noises such as cars or conversations with fellow riders. The helmet also has a microphone near the forehead for two-way communications.

Omni also ships with a wireless smart remote so riders can keep their eyes on the road and hands on the bars while controlling media and calls with the tap of a button. The helmet has a USB chargeable battery with 8+ hour battery life. In addition, it includes an emergency alert system that is triggered when the G-sensor senses significant impact, sending an alert with GPS notification to a designated contact. The price of the smart helmet is €200.

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