Smart Bulbs are Lighting Up

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Smart Bulbs are Lighting Up

Tuya Smart, a global AI/IoT platform company, has announced a generation of new LED smart bulbs designed to connect to a consumer’s WiFi network and allow for a range of controls – turning a bulb from yellow to blue to red, or changing the hue of the light, as well as enabling time delays and all types of voice controls. The smart lighting solutions running on the Tuya platform can work with a variety of networking modes including WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Mesh, ZigBee and more.

Tuya Smart is transforming standard lights to AI-powered products with high efficiency, helping manufacturers reap the benefits without having to make their own investments in IoT R&D,

said Jerry Wang, CEO, Tuya Smart.

With easy-to-adopt and cost-efficient smart business solutions, traditional lighting manufacturers can transform themselves into makers of smart home appliances. We look forward to working with more companies here in the U.S. to help create more smart appliances to make lives easier for consumers.

Tuya claims its turnkey lighting solutions will enable manufacturers to make dumb devices smart fast. Development time could be cut at short as two weeks. Bulb manufacturers such as Philips, Feit, Geeni and Energize have already incorporated the Tuya Smart platform into their smart lighting systems.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Tuya

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