Small Tracker: Apple Enters the Market

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Small Tracker: Apple Enters the Market

Apple is apparently set to enter the market for small tracker with Bluetooth connectivity that can be placed on everyday items like keys, wallets, and purses, that allow you to locate such items using your iPhone.

Industry sources claim that Apple has that has purchased the rights to the name AirTag from a Russian group called ISBC, which describes itself as “the leading smart card and RFID tag manufacturer in Russia,”. Apple has yet to reveal when it might be released.
According to reporting by MacRumors, and online magazine, AirTags will have built-in chips that will allow them to connect to an iPhone, relaying the position of devices that they’re attached to. You will be able to use your iPhone, iPad, and Mac to track the location of AirTags much like you do to find missing Apple devices. The magazine reports that the devices will be small, circular white tags with an Apple logo on the front. Presumably, these will attach to items via adhesive or an attachment point like a ring, and there may be multiple ways to use them with different items.
AirTags are rumored to be more accurate than your average Bluetooth item small tracker like Tile or Adero because they’re said to take advantage of ultra-wideband technology, which basically offers more accurate indoor positioning.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Apple

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