Sigfox and Google Cloud join forces to support IoT startups

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Sigfox and Google Cloud join forces to support IoT startups

Sigfox, a global 0G network and IoT platform services provider, has announced that it will partner with Google Cloud to scale its cloud infrastructure and extend its IoT services portfolio. Earlier this year, has said that its Sigfox Cloud solution can be integrated with Google Cloud Platform, allowing customers to push any data generated by Sigfox enabled devices to the Google Cloud Platform. Now, Sigfox and Google Cloud have agreed to go beyond a mere technological collaboration by making every Sigfox Starter program member eligible for the Google Cloud for Startups program. This includes up to US$20,000 in Google Cloud Platform and Firebase Credits and many more benefits. Sigfox believes the partnership would help it advance its “massive IoT agenda”, processing billions of messages monthly from connected objects using data stored in the cloud.

It expects this will enable faster improvements to connectivity, geolocation, and other services towards low-cost and -power IoT solutions. Franck Siegel, deputy CEO at Sigfox, said it chose Google Cloud because the companies’ shared “the same appetite for driving digital transformation”.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Pixabay

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