Sequans’ Monarch Chip Certified For T-Mobile’s NB-IoT Network

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Sequans’ Monarch Chip Certified For T-Mobile’s NB-IoT Network

Sequans Communications S.A. has announced that T-Mobile has certified its Monarch chip and a Monarch-based module, Monarch NB01Q, for use on T-Mobile’s NB-IoT network.

Sequans’ Monarch is considered one of the world’s most mature LTE-M/NB-IoT solutions with operator certifications and deployments worldwide. T-Mobile is the latest operator to certify Monarch or Monarch-based modules following other operators in USA, Japan, Korea, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

Georges Karam, Sequans CEO, said:

The benefits of our Monarch NB01Q module are many, including industry-leading low power consumption, global compatibility, and a 23 dBm PA that allows for much deeper indoor coverage. New or existing customers will now be able to launch IoT devices quickly, easily, and cost-effectively on T-Mobile’s network.

Sequans’ Monarch NB01Q module key features all-in-one, single-mode LTE module supports category NB1 (NB2 upgradable – NB-IoT Network), worldwide deployment and roaming capability, low power consumption of 1 microamp in power saving mode (PSM), which enables special benefits for sensor applications on T-Mobile’s NB1 network, and pin-to-pin compatible with all of Sequans’ Q-series modules, including the Monarch GM01Q LTE-M module. In addition, it is forward-compatible with Sequans’ second generation Monarch NB02S module, which was recently announced. Monarch NB02S with integrated SiM is designed for 5G massive IoT and expected to be generally available mid-2020.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Pixabay


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