Self-Driving-Car: Amazon Goes Head-to-head With Waymo

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Self-Driving-Car: Amazon Goes Head-to-head With Waymo

Amazon bought Zoox, a self-driving-car startup, for a reported $1.2bn. The e-commerce giant wants to build up its own autonomous vehicles business to compete against Waymo, a division of its tech rival, Alphabet. The acquisition of Zoox followed Amazon’s purchase of stakes in Rivian, an electric truck-maker, and Aurora, another autonomous-car startup.

According to t3n, the online giant paid more than one billion US dollars for the company, which has around 1000 employees – the exact amount is not known. Almost a bargain: In 2018 Zoox had a market valuation of 3.2 billion dollars. Amazon has been investing in technologies for autonomous driving for quite some time, it continues, but not on this scale so far.

In the field of autonomous driving, Zoox is one of the main competitors of Waymo, a subsidiary of Alphabet, as reported by t3n. Both operate a kind of autonomous taxi service. A big difference between the two companies is that Zoox develops its own vehicles. Waymo, however, drives converted Chrysler Pacificas.

It is not yet known whether Amazon wants to compete with Alphabet in the field of ride hailing or whether the dealer wants to use the Self-Driving-Car technology for his own delivery business.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Zoox

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