Safety with IoT: Intelligent Way to Get Kids Safely to School

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Safety with IoT: Intelligent Way to Get Kids Safely to School

Danish municipality Egedal has found a connected and intelligent way to make children’s way to school safer: SuperZOOkelsti is a 2.3 km long cycle path between Veksø and Stenløse along a railway – Safety with IoT. Nine sculptures of different animals such as elephant, zebra and butterfly with a height of up to 2.2 meters have been erected. A chip installed on a bicycle helmet will make them light up when passing them. This is part oft the project “Lighting Metropolis” in Egedal.

70 pupils were invited to a workshop on their wishes and ideas for a better cycling experience. They contributed different ideas which has lead to building the SuperZOOkelsti. The animals have built-in LED lights that will make a short light show when a cyclist with a chip on the bicycle helmet comes by. Children can get hold of the free chip in the office in their school, the local library or the Town Hall. There are up to 6 different light shows children can choose from via a website.

Safety with IoT: Smart Technology in Schools

While the purpose in the first instance is to get the students to use the bike even more, the SuperZOOkelstien can also be used for teaching smart technology and programming in school. The technical design behind the luminous animals is flexible so that students can try their own ideas for programming in reality and see the result immediately when they ride a ride past the animals. The project is the first of a total of three Lighting Metropolis EU projects, where Egedal Municipality cooperates with eight other municipalities, universities and companies in the Øresund Region to create the future of urban and intelligent light.

Throughout the project we have been involving the kids a lot, both to ensure the immediate success, but also with the idea of they should take ownership of the project and being able to see we are listening to them, creating a co-ownership of the project. In a near future, we hope that the animals can serve as a test bed for programming classes, where the youngsters can make their own light show or develop apps, so the users can compete against each other.

said Egedal’s Smart City coordinator Sune Schøning.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: SuperZOOkelsti

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