Robotic Floor Care as a Response to COVID-19

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Robotic Floor Care as a Response to COVID-19

Business owners and managers are adapting to a world that must effectively live alongside the stresses of COVID-19. How can companies ensure that employees and customers feel safe? How do they comply with standards and requirements that appear to change from week to week? Robotic Floor Care

It’s within this environment that cleaning has emerged as a core component of restoring confidence in everyday living. It’s at the heart of rebuilding trust, and businesses must ensure a more detailed and more consistent clean in order to showcase their commitment to a successful reopening. With workers being asked to do more and customers worried about indoor infection, automation provides a compelling solution.
Enter commercial robotic floor care where industrial-grade cleaning machines are able to perform tasks in public spaces without a human operator. While automation in this industry has been gaining traction for the past five years, the pandemic has put it front and center. Companies like Ahold Delhaize and Walmart have noted their commitment to cleaning with the help of robotics, and environments beyond retail, such as airports, schools, and hospitals, are following suit.

Brain Corp, an AI company that currently powers over 14,000 cleaning robots with its BrainOS technology, has seen a surge of interest over the past 12 months. BrainOS-powered machines saw a usage increase of 24% in April 2020 compared to the same month the previous year and a 15% increase in the year overall. What’s more, a significant percentage of this uptick occurred during daytime hours, showing that businesses are cleaning more frequently and operating the technology during peak times.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Brain Corp

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