Quectel Modules Qualified for Deployment in Avnet eUICC Solution for IIoT

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Quectel Modules Qualified for Deployment in Avnet eUICC Solution for IIoT

Avnet Silica, an Avnet company announced that cellular communication modules from Quectel are now qualified for use in Avnet’s advanced eUICC solution (embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card). The news further strengthens Avnet’s global partnership with Quectel, a leading supplier of industrial-grade cellular and GNSS modules, and a key supplier for Avnet on a global basis and for Avnet Silica in the EMEA region.
Avnet’s eUICC solution offers cellular connectivity to meet the growing communication requirements for IoT and Industry 4.0 applications. The solution is based on the Avnet Global IoT SM-SR (Subscription Management Secure Routing) and has been designed to help OEMs and enterprises deliver connected products and IoT services around the world.
A key element of the eUICC solution is to enable OEMs and IoT service providers to quickly and easily change mobile network operators (MNOs) by uploading new profiles remotely. This negates the need to manually change the embedded SIM card in devices, machines or sensors that are already deployed in the field.

The Avnet eUICC solution is a significant value-added service that enables cost savings in logistics, production and life-cycle management for our customers and their customers,

said Guillaume Crinon, Avnet’s global IoT strategy manager for security and connectivity.

A key element in delivering this kind of solution is ensuring our customers can rely on leading-edge and pre-qualified cellular technologies, such as these modules from Quectel, enabling IoT service providers to quickly deploy robust and reliable IoT platforms.

Avnet and Quectel have closely cooperated during a series of intensive testing procedures to ensure a high level of module and platform resilience across a range of harsh conditions that are typical for industrial environments. This process has led to the qualification of five Quectel modules – the BG96, UG96, EC21, EG95 and EC25, which are wireless communication modules that have been specifically designed for M2M and IoT applications, while also supporting worldwide coverage of NB-IoT, Cat M1, UMTS/HSPA+ and LTE networks. The list will be augmented with further Quectel modules being added in the coming weeks and months.

This eUICC initiative is an important connectivity service solution for the IoT value chain,

said Delbert Sun, Quectel’s product and marketing Director.

Quectel is continuing to work hand-in-hand with Avnet to enable OEMs a wider choice of qualified Quectel modules and let them take advantage of Avnet’s fully-fledged turnkey solution.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Quectel

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