Proximity Sensor Enables Social Distancing on Assembly Lines

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Proximity Sensor Enables Social Distancing on Assembly Lines

Italian Engineering Group has developed a solution to address social distancing on assembly lines. The device, called Smart Proximity, is based on a sensor that can be implanted in a bracelet or other mechanisms and which is able to detect other similar sensors within its vicinity. If two devices come too close to each other, they alert users about the violation of safe distance, which is configured according to variable parameters.
The data collected by the device is then sent via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network to an internal storage system, which can be accessed so users can analyze all events recorded by the sensors. The solution is described by the company as an effective safety measure for the workplace during the current Covid-19 pandemic.
In the event that an employee tests positive for Covid-19, a company can immediately obtain a list of all devices that crossed the path of the sensor used by the affected employee, as well as the interaction time. With this information, the firm has a decision-making tool to place employees in security isolation.

Our mission has always been to deliver technology that helps the manufacturing industry adapt to the continuously changing needs of the world around us,

says Zivile Badaraite, Marketing Specialist at Engineering USA.

And, in the midst of the current health crisis, our aim is to deliver the solutions that manufacturers require to quickly restart operations and protect the safety of their employees at the same time.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Engineering Group

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