Progress Sitefinity Cloud: Preparing Marketeers for the Post-covid World

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Progress Sitefinity Cloud: Preparing Marketeers for the Post-covid World

Progress, a leader in the development, deployment and management of high-performance business applications, has unveiled a new version of Sitefinity Insight. In addition, the company has enhanced the Progress Sitefinity Cloud.

The Covid 19 pandemic has created a “New Normal” and driven up consumer expectations for digital experiences. The new release of Sitefinity Insight helps companies meet these expectations in digital marketing. It fills gaps in marketing data and gives marketers access to real-time information that they can use to create tailored campaigns and adapt to audience behavior on the fly.
New capabilities and features of the solution include:

  • Comprehensive Attribute Modeling. With AI-powered attribute modeling, the system automatically determines which interactions have the greatest impact on conversions and KPIs.
  • Advanced lead scoring rules. Companies can target the right leads at the right time to maximize sales opportunities and customer wins. They avoid overinvesting in leads that have already converted or are still at the very beginning of the customer journey.
  • Modernized Audience Intelligence. The solution identifies the topics and touchpoints that engage audiences most effectively and uses these insights to deliver even better experiences across organic, paid, social, and other content and channels.
  • Detailed video performance tracking. Users can now identify which video content stands out from the crowd and use these insights to deploy video even more successfully.

Progress Sitefinity Insight is a SaaS-based solution for digital marketing analytics, personalization and optimization. It is fully integrated with the Progress Sitefinity Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and offers a cloud-ready, scalable architecture that frees IT departments from managing infrastructure.
Progress also expanded Progress Sitefinity Cloud, its PaaS solution for managing digital experiences and improving operational efficiency. It was equipped with simplified domain management that allows site administrators to list, add, remove and configure domains across all available environments.

Our recent research shows that the vast majority of executives are struggling to meet users’ increasing expectations for engaging and seamless digital experiences,

said Thomas Schuller, regional director DACH at Progress.

They need technology with low complexity, low cost and low resource requirements. Sitefinity provides a unique user experience for marketeers and IT, giving them the power of data to use it to quickly create personalized user experiences.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Progress

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