Polte Mobile Provides IoT Location Tech for PassTime GPS

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Polte Mobile Provides IoT Location Tech for PassTime GPS

PassTime GPS, a GPS solutions provider, announced a strategic partnership with Polte Corporation to incorporate highly accurate Mobile IoT location tech into their line of Encore asset trackers. Together the companies plan to enable “Buy Here Pay Here”-dealers, franchise dealers, powersports dealers, auto finance companies and a range of customers in other industries to securely locate vehicles and assets virtually anywhere. Through the integration, Encore asset trackers will maintain the lowest power profile at the smallest size possible.

Polte’s C-LoC technology produces very accurate cellular location, leveraging 4G & 5G cellular network signals in addition to the Polte IoT Cloud (PIC) to deliver real-time insights – for devices that move indoors as well as outdoors. The approach eliminates the bulk and expense of additional hardware or infrastructure needed for positioning with conventional technologies. As computational complexity is taken from devices to the cloud, they consume less energy.

The companies expect to complete the commercial integration in early 2021. The expect this to fill in the gaps in intelligence left by competitors using solely GPS for positioning. Customers can recover or locate cars more quickly when they are parked indoors or in parking garages. This will lower the time required to search for missing assets. Instead of hybridizing with alternate options such as Wi-Fi or BLE, Polte’s integration eliminates the need for the significant overhead and hassle of access points or beacon deployments.

Selecting Polte’s Mobile IoT location technology as an augmentation to our Encore product line was simple,

PassTime EVP and CTO Todd Goodnight said.

Taking advantage of Polte not only allows us to unlock precise location and indoor visibility where GPS falls short, but reinforces our value promise: providing long battery life trackers that are compact, easy to use and require no installation. Our customers will now have everything they need to safeguard vehicles and precious assets against loss or theft.

We are excited to work with PassTime to offer unprecedented location intelligence to the automotive industry,

Polte CEO Ed Chao said.

Due to Polte’s use of cellular networks for positioning, the evolution of Encore will only become more powerful with the expansion of 5G. Together, we are setting the new standard for vehicle asset tracking.

Author: Rainer Claaßen
Image Credit: PassTime

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