Photoelectric Sensors boast time-of-flight detection

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Photoelectric Sensors boast time-of-flight detection

Omron Automation Americas launched its E3AS series reflective-type photoelectric sensors that boast accurate detection for diverse targets, exceptional sensing distance, environmental robustness, and compact size.

These Photoelectric sensors are designed to help manufacturers manage varied and flexible production needs more effectively.

The E3AS family’s sensing distance of 1,500 mm is five times longer than that of previous models, according to Omron, and the full sensing range of 50mm to 1,500mm eliminates the need for manufacturers to select different sensors for each application. The time-of-flight (TOF) detection method ensures high detection stability regardless of the characteristics of target objects, making sensor selection and adjustment easier than ever.
In addition, the use an antifouling coating on the sensing surface reduces false detection and minimizes maintenance needs in environments with oil, dust or steam.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Omron Automation Americas

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