Orange Helps Abu Dhabi Become a SmartCity

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Orange Helps Abu Dhabi Become a SmartCity

Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM) and Orange Business Services have co-developed a SmartCity virtualization App meant to enhance the city management services delivered in the capital of the United Arabian Emirates.

The ‘IoT Cockpit’ provides visualization via an immersive, interactive user interface for the city authorities, that monitors elements of the urban landscape. With its five-year smart cities plan, Abu Dhabi wants to achieve sustainability and enhance the quality of life for citizens and residents.
IoT Cockpit is currently being rolled out in the UAE and was showcased at the 10th World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi this February.

In the App, connected and tangible objects are virtualized, enabling ADM to see and interact with the smart utilities network across the city. This includes water, electricity, and fibre. They can also visualize the situation on the ground at key points. For example the municipality can see if street lighting is working correctly, if the public transport is operating normally. This will enhance control over vital elements of the SmartCity.

Rayan Mohammad Almohaisen, IT Project Manager, Abu Dhabi Municipality, comments:

Orange Business Services is supporting ADM’s plans to deliver a range of projects and initiatives across Abu Dhabi, from public parks to public infrastructure that will build and shape the living experiences in one of the world’s developing smartest cities. ADM is keen to promote effective collaborations that deliver innovations through strategic partnerships with leading private sector companies, such as Orange Business Services.

Sahem Azzam, Vice President, Middle East & Africa, Orange Business Services, adds:

Sustained innovation is the lifeblood of the smart city and our collaboration with ADM on ‘IoT Cockpit’ is a great example of co-innovation – a bespoke city management solution developed in the region and for the region, where we have a strong focus on the smart cities opportunity. The UAE is a test bed for smart cities innovation and leads the way in not just adopting but also developing new solutions that are transforming cities, such as Abu Dhabi. The scale of the region’s smart cities ambition is matched by the vision, leadership and resources needed for success – and the commitment to innovation to drive new business models and new thinking in the smart city.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: Pixabay


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