Optus Business and Myriota bolster remote IoT coverage

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Optus Business and Myriota bolster remote IoT coverage

In Australia, Optus Business announced that it has entered into an agreement with nanosatellite-IoT-company Myriota. The goal of the co-operation is to provide remote IoT coverage and regional connectivity for IoT devices and applications.

The telco-nanosatellite provider agreement will bring together Optus’ Australian networks and digital enablement capabilities with Myriota’s direct-to-orbit technology. It will allow massive scale and low-cost communications for IoT devices across remote Australian geographies. The arrangement will offer low-cost, long battery life connectivity for many devices across different industries. The devices will allow companies to track assets even in the most remote areas with remote IoT coverage.

remote IoT coverage: Dr Alex Grant CEO of Myriota and Chris Mitchell Managing Director of Optus Business

Dr Alex Grant, CEO of Myriota, and Chris Mitchell, Managing Director of Optus Business

Optus Business Managing Director, Chris Mitchell, said:

Working with innovative startups like Myriota allows Optus Business to help our customers capture the business improvements of next generation technologies,

Mr Mitchell said.

We are excited by the possibilities this agreement presents.

CEO and co-founder of Myriota, Dr Alex Grant, added: “Remote connectivity has long been the missing piece of the puzzle for IoT across industries like logistics and farming, and we are thrilled to partner with Optus Business to provide a comprehensive connectivity offering. Previously, satellite connectivity has not been available or affordable for businesses with remote assets, but nanosatellites are providing a more attainable and affordable solution. By combining Optus’ national networks with our nanosatellite capability, we are able to offer a truly holistic IoT solution and help solve connectivity issues being faced in regional Australia”.

Author: Tim Cole
Image Credit: SpaceX/Myriota

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